New Books and ARCs, 10/28/16

Enough time left in October to get in one last stack of new books and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound. Which of these do you think will be a treat? Tell us in the comments!

17 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 10/28/16”

  1. Looking forward to “The Wrong Dead Guy.” “The Everything Box” was great, and started me reading the “Sandman Slim” series by Mr. Kadrey as well.

  2. The title “The Wrong Dead Guy” got my interest, now I guess I will have to check it out!

  3. Is that a second copy of THE WRONG DEAD GUY?

    Trekkergrl – THE WRONG DEAD GUY is the sequel to THE EVERTHING BOX.

  4. Love me some Richard Kadrey in the morning. Have loved everything I’ve read from him. Copies of Butcher Bird exist on the Internets. Worth hunting down. If it was still in print, I’d get a legit copy.

  5. I will read anything by Brom. I buy all of his books, with or without a synopsis. I just started Lost Gods.

    If you liked Barlowe’s God’s Demon, or Boyett’s Mortality Bridge, and you like tramping through Hellscapes, then check it out.

  6. I don’t know anything about any of these authors, but I’m desperate to know what Lost Gods is about. And if Literary Wonderlands is a portal fantasy I need it.

  7. I haven’t seen anything in the last couple of stacks that I was super-interested in. But as no free books are ever sent to the Lurkertype Compound, it doesn’t matter.

  8. Spill Zone! Graphic novel written by Scott Westerfeld is definitely on my Must Get list.

  9. I see The Gilded Cage by Vic James. I just finished reading a NetGalleyARC of that book and loved it. Deft world-building, lots of plot and character twists. It is, however, the first book of howevermany.

  10. Some time in the near future a publisher makes a small faux pas and sends to the Scalzi compound an ARC.
    A faux pas you ask? Well, it was one of his own books, but that didn’t click with the mail boy who just worked his way through the list of people to be sent each and every ARC.
    Out of curiosity JS perused the blurbs and saw this one: –
    “Once again Scalzi introduces us to a strong, kick-ass female character” Jane Sagan.

    Do publishers ever do spoof blurbs?

  11. Literary Wonderlands holds promise. Not sure what kind of promise, though. Is it full of wonder, or do you just wonder why?

  12. Not too much non-fiction shows up in your new/ARC packages. Literary Wonderlands looks interesting, and should sit nicely next to my copy of “The Dictionary of Imaginary Places”.

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