Putting These Here For Archival Purposes

I apologize in advance. 

To which someone replied:

My response:


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  1. aztraph – Indiana – I fix, hack, build, bake, write, play, math. If i can't fix it, it pretty much can't be fixed. There are two mathematical impossibilities in the physical universe, zero and infinity. debates welcome.

    apology accepted

  2. Trump or Hillary? Is America Guinevere to the right or the left?

    Now allow me to speak up for my favorite form of pun: the Tom Swifty. They always feature Tom (a science fictional young hero from the 1920s), with him making a statement followed by an adverb that puns on the content of the dialogue.

    As in, “Someone forgot to pay the light bill,” Tom said darkly. Or “I’ve overslept,” Tom said belatedly.

    My favorite own coinage: “I’m going over Niagara Falls,” Tom said incandescently. Which someone topped with, “My ancestors used to rule Peru,” and so on.

  3. I laughed hard enough to hurt my back.
    And I do Pilates; I have a strong core.

    You stop now, JScalzi.


  4. ‘Kay by me if you all Galahad and make silly puns. But if Scalzi throws out any more, I just hope he Lancelot of ’em. Some of these are all right, but we really need to raise it to the n’Excalibur.

    Thank you, thank you. I’m here all knight.

  5. BTW, some of these had me laughing so hard my heart was skipping beats. Seriously. I was wondering if I had Arimathea.

  6. Mr. Scalzi, I’d like your permission to repost this blog entry (cut-and-pasted, in full, with full attribution, and a link to this page,) to a Spider Robinson-inspired Facebook group of which I am one of the admins, called “Friends of Mike Callahan.”
    “The fun of the pun is in the tone of the groan!” — some wiseacre

  7. Tristan’s Uncle, Mark the King
    Gave him an engagement ring.
    His mission was an easy thing:
    Deliver it across the waves.

    The ring was for the fair Isolde,
    Who Mark proposed to have and hold.
    With eyes of blue and hair of gold,
    Like Tristan the knight so brave.

    Tristan, Tristan
    Barely old enough to shave
    Tristan, Tristan,
    Tristan the knight so brave.

    (from Dave Keefer & Bob Ahrens’ “Tristan, the Knight So Brave”, to the obvious tune)

  8. I Percival of you are incorrigible punsters. That kind of talk can get you in trouble around here; if you’re not careful you may get ridden out of town on a grail.

  9. Jeffrey Baker – I have been involved in archaeology for over 30 years, either as a student or a professional archaeologist. During that time period, I have worked in a number of states and one foreign country (Belize). I have mainly worked in the Maya Lowlands, US Southwest and the Great Basin culture areas.
    Jeffrey Baker

    I was wondering if you were going to round to posting this here, or if you were simply going to table the whole nonsense.

  10. On the uther hand, I hope you don’t find your pen draggin’.

  11. Well, it is true that a straight line is the shortest distance between two puns…

  12. Ah yes, Tristan’s paramour. She was my first great crush, you know. I adored her, but she couldn’t see how her career in health care by paranormal means hurt our relationship.

    *Sob* Isolde, the witch doctor, I was in love with you.

  13. Sorry to ask this here, but I can’t see the tweets you posted. I can see your intro text, but not the Tweets. Is there some WP setting I need? Or is it an adblocker thing? A Mac thing?

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