I Was Going to Write Another Piece About the Election But Then a Wave of Ennui Hit Me, So Please Enjoy These Pictures of My Daughter Instead

Taken as she was prepping for a Halloween party last night.

A much better posting decision, I think. At least for the moment.

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  1. Cute kid. She once had an Invader Zim “Cupcake Attack” shirt. My daughter had to have that same shirt, and she wore for the first day of school three years in a row.

  2. Thanks! A case of election phobia overcomes me. Sigh, already voted and today Queen Elizabeth II suggests all Americans write her in for President and we can seamlessly return to British rule. If only she had made the announcement before I voted. Double sigh. Lovely daughter, Sir John.

  3. I was about to comment that pictures 1 and 3 have a certain Mona Lisa feel about them. Then I notice the side bar to see I am not the only one to pick up on that.

  4. Mr. Scalzi, I gotta say, your photographic portraits are pretty wonderful. That next to last photo could, with a light pass through Photoshop, be taken for the work of a Flemish master painter. Your ennui is our gain.

  5. “a certain Mona Lisa feel about them”

    Very much that.

    Some of us don’t have that much poise as grown-ups (or masquerading grown-ups, or … whatever).

  6. I agree; those are great photos, and you have a great daughter. Not as great as mine, obviously, but still great.

  7. My wife has been posting on Facebook a digital device shot of our son in tie & tails and lip-blackening as Groucho Marx for Halloween early-party in downtown L.A…..

  8. Thank you — I’d much rather see lovely pictures than read any more about politics (bleah). Do we get to see the finished costume? And what are the pets doing these days? (I had to have my cat put down last week, and I’m seriously feline-deprived.)

  9. I just saw the news about someone in Ohio dumping manure at a democratic campaign HQ in Warren County, and I thought of you. Well, not you you, but more you as in ‘I wonder if John has anything to say about this?’ I come here and Lo! these beautiful pictures of a beautiful woman and … what was I talking about?

  10. Daughters are always appropriate, John.

    I’d be temped to counter with mine but lately they’re all sonograms.

  11. @ M.A.
    Sorry about your kitty. I know how it feels
    I understand your feeling that politics are bleah, but why not vote and then stop thinking about it, as you’ve done your duty?
    @ everybody
    If you’re an American, have you voted? People died to win this right for us, and our country needs to hear our voices. Vote!

  12. There seems to have been some sort of mistake, John — isn’t your daughter an adorable little tyke who harangues Scott Westerfeld about Pluto?

  13. Wickedly cool horns! What are they made of (and did she make them herself?) Like Rens, I’m guessing that the costume is Maleficent, and those are perfect for it.

  14. Yes, I already voted and hoped it would do something magical for my television. Nope, but at least I can ignore the over saturation now. Hope it all ends up going as smoothly as voting did. No line at all and I live in the checkmate state.

    Lovely pictures.

  15. Lovely as always! I maintain Athena looks like Krissy when she’s doing serious faces and like you when she’s smirking…

  16. I’m with Andrew; who is this lovely vision and what has she done with Athena? And to you John, super photography with your lovely wife and daughter. The Maker did not stint when handing out the talents in your family

    My personal moment of disconnect was this past summer when my 13 yo son and I visited friends whose daughter is 6 months younger than my son. The two of them have been buds since infancy but we are only able to connect during the summer each year. My son is still every bit a boy in interests and demeanor whereas this young lady had magically transformed over the past year. My son without even realizing it, treated her as one of the grownups and instead spent the evening playing with her 4 year old brother while the young lady looked on in bemusement.

    Time, man. It be moving too fast.

  17. Trump’s latest quantum superposition: 1: the dems are rigging the election. 2: if you support me you should vote twice.

  18. I think you made the right posting choice. I am so over this election! Just eight more days.

  19. Telling your own supporters that their votes are going to be thrown away doesn’t seem like good campaign strategy.

  20. John, Athena has such presence in her photos; she really is a remarkable young woman.

    Hey, M.A., I’m facing the same thing later this week; Internet hugs available, if they’re welcome.

    Having watched the reactions in the aftermath to the June referendum on remaining in the European Union (read “Theresa May’s Cabinet meetings resemble scenes from Chicken Run“), my reaction to any suggestion that the United States return to UK rule is a loud “HA HAHAHAHA NO.”

    Spouse and I have voted; there was a mobile polling station at the library Saturday, so we were able to drop our completed ballots — the election judges did check our signatures on the envelopes — and yes, they had stickers.

  21. @Msb: Not all states have early voting. Also, having already voted, I can personally testify that it doesn’t stop me from obsessing.

  22. Lovely young lady. Wonderful photos.

    @Matt McIrvin. I plan on early voting today. I also recently told my family “I have a rule about not discussing politics because you’re too rabid about it.” So I appreciate John’s Zen-ish state of ennui. “I could, but why?”

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