New Books and ARCs, 11/7/16

So that not everything this week will be about politics: Look! New books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound! Anything here tickle your fancy? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. The Dickson and The Vor Game are old books that I’ve read (and own), I also own and have read the other Bujold and the Weber. Not much interested in the rest.

  2. I too own the Dickson book, it’s a fun collection of short stories. John Flanagan is a favourite author of our teenage son. Recommended for 12-15-year-olds.

  3. Reading Shadow of Victory now. Early going, but kind of a mess so far. I was hoping it would improve / come together as things went along but @Paul Stansel’s comment is a bit discouraging

  4. That’s a lot of Baen Books by any measure. And I agree that Shadow of a Victory is both a mess and an awful book. Not the worse Weber I’ve ever but certainly down there. Among them

  5. I covet Gentleman Jole something fierce! I find myself rereading certain of LMB’s books over and over — clearly there’s something resonant there.

  6. Love Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga. Almost as much as that Scalzi guy’s books! :-)

  7. I loved “Gentleman Jole”. A very easy, relaxed book. Perfect for a relaxing weekend. I just got “Onward Drake” and am looking forward to reading it. I was looking forward to “Shadow of Victory” and hope it works for me better than for Cat and Paul. At least the election will be over and my flatscreen won’t keep depressing me with the daily barrage of hate and fearmongering.

  8. About the Weber book: “Shadow of Victory” is a collection of the events of the past two books (Green Pines, the Yawata Strike, the Battle of Manticore) seen from the points-of-view of people not directly involved. it’s also a lot of stories about rebellions out in the Verge and the ostensible Manticorean promises to help them.

    If you’re looking for the final battle against the MA as led by Honor, no, it’s not here. If you’re looking for more stories about the universe Weber created, you’ll be okay with it. I happen to like the politics and the side stories, so I like the book just fine. Besides, Honor’s rank is such that she’s not going to be leading anything smaller than a Fleet anymore anyway, which limits battle descriptions somewhat.

  9. Just bought Gentleman Jole at my friendly local independent bookstore (where most of the staff know my name).
    The Dickson book wasn’t there but I’ll probably get it when it arrives – somewhen back in my past I read his book(s) about bears. So far back I’ll need reminding what it was all about.

  10. A Rising Thunder, Shadow of Freedom, and Shadow of Victory had enough plot movement for about one Weber-sized book between them, and Shadow of Victory contributed much less of that meager total than either of the other two. I generally like the kind of additional material that’s added in an author’s preferred edition, but SoV read like an entire book of it.
    I’m hoping the next (and final-ish) Honor book gets things back on track.

  11. I had a hard time getting into Gentleman Jole. Maybe it’s the lack of Miles, but I had to return it to the library before it was even two chapters gone. I’ll try again as I love Vorkosigan.

  12. I have EVERYTHING by Lois McMaster Bujold in her “Vorkosigan” universe, and enjoyed each one.

  13. The Right To Arm Bears certainly has an interesting title.
    Alas, Amazon says “The Right to Arm Bears has previously appeared in parts as Spacial Delivery, Spacepaw, and “The Law-Twister Shorty.”” so I’ve already read it.

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  15. I’ve read ALL the Bujold books in the Vorkosigan world and love them all. My wife and I reread them from time to time; they are that good.

  16. The John Flanagan books are great. I’m an elementary school librarian and these are the thing I hand to kids who have finished the Percy Jackson or Gregor the Overlander series and are ready for more.

  17. I’ve re/read all the Vorkosigan books and am now listening to them all – quite enjoyed listening to Vor Game! I’m technically in the middle of Mirror Dance but that’s a tough listen. I may need to skip a bunch.

  18. I see you got a Baen box this month. Got Gentleman Jole as an eBook a couple of months ago. I think whether you enjoy it will depend a lot on whether you’ve reached a certain age. In terms of story themes, it has more in common with her Paladin of Souls novel in the Chalion series than with the Vorkosigan action/mystery plots. If you want action/adventure, re-read The Vor Game.

    IIRC I bought the Right to Arm Bears back when it was published by Del Rey. Certainly back in the 70s/80s, in any case.Unfortunately short stories of this vintage have to be taken in the context of their time, as SF writing has evolved significantly since then.

  19. I’m interested in knowing what the Onward, Drake anthology is, will have to check amazon. Also interested in the Gentleman Jole, Angeleyes and Salarian Desert Game. Quista also requires research. The Vor Game and The Right to Arm Bears are fun reads.

  20. Onward Drake is a collection of stories by various authors who have co-written with Drake, like Drake, etc. Each story has an afterword about who the author is and them talking about Drake.

    And some stories by Drake and essays by people about Drake.

    Most interesting thing I saw skimming was Gene Wolfe saying he only knew of three combat veteran SF authors. Joe Haldeman said the same thing, but with a different list.

    (Drake, Haldeman, and either Wolfe or Pournelle. Haldeman gives Honorable Mention to Mack Reynolds for being a non-combatant in combat. Note that I think these are old lists, there may later additions.)

  21. Hi John, I’d be delighted if you could check out These Are My Friends on Politics. I’m biased, seeing as I wrote and illustrated it, but given the year we’ve had, I’m proud to call it the one 2016 book about politics that people who disagree can read together without ruining the holidays. (It might even save them for some folks!)

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