Sunset, 11/7/16

Don’t let the sun set on you tomorrow without you having voted, y’hear?

(I mean, unless you’re working late and the sun sets before you get to the polling place. As long as you’re on your way, that’s fine. But vote, okay? Don’t make me ask again!)

14 Comments on “Sunset, 11/7/16”

  1. So you think I should vote tomorrow? No worries, I will on my way to work in the morning.

  2. “unless you’re working late and the sun sets before you get to the polling place.”?

    I don’t know what it’s like in Ohio, but the sun now sets here in Portland at about 4:30PM…

    (But of course, it doesn’t matter–we’re an all vote-by-mail state here in Oregon, and our ballots went in a couple of weeks ago.)

  3. I’m on the east end of a time zone, and I’ll be leaving to go vote like an hour after the sun sets. But I won’t leave my polling place until I have voted. Then I will obsessively watch the returns.

  4. I’ll be voting between volunteering at the food pantry in the mornings and a medical appointment in late afternoon. I expect to take at least an hour to do so if predictions are right.

  5. Voted here in Ohio a couple of weeks ago. That way, even if I die before Election Day, my vote is in and counts. I think next time I will volunteer to work as a poll worker. Could be fun.

  6. Thank you for the sunset (though kittens would be nice, too — hint, hint).

    As to voting, I did that a month ago. Been nagging friends, family and colleagues ever since to get their butts into the early polling places and do the same. Most cooperated. And for the next 36 hours, I plan to do the final bits of Christmas shopping on my list, wrap gifts, and listen to classical music (on my CD player, not the radio, because my CD player won’t interrupt the music with breathless election updates).

  7. Ballot is done, I’ll be dropping it off on my way home from work tomorrow. No polling place for my area again this election. So it’s a mail in ballot but I like to go to the polling place. Goofy that way I guess.
    Nice sunset.
    Colonel Snuggeldorf, you’re a sick sick person. Christmas shopping almost done? Really? ;)

  8. Rembrant, I’m not usually this close to finished with Christmas shopping in early November – though that doesn’t necessarily disprove your assessment of me, mind. It’s just that this year, I am scheduled for surgery in early December that will leave me largely useless for several weeks, which comes immediately after obligatory family stuff that will suck up every spare moment starting about November 20. If shopping and wrapping don’t get finished in the next week or two, they won’t get done at all.

    Besides, I’m hoping that with everyone and their cousin glued to television sets watching the returns tomorrow evening, the stores will be empty enough to make this trip a fast and efficient one.

  9. I’ll probably head over at lunchtime tomorrow to my neighborhood polling place, wait behind 1 or 2 people, vote, then go run some errands. (I’m working from home most days, and since CA is a heavily Democratic state, we’re not doing voter suppression, though a few Southern California areas had far more early voting than they were prepared for.)

    It’s been a busy month, between travel, illness, and work classes, so I needed some time to figure out the California and local elections (we’ve got a dozen or so state ballot propositions, half a dozen local ones, and of course a bunch of people running for school board most of whom are probably fine but it’s hard to tell them apart.) At least I’m not in San Francisco, which has something like 25 local propositions.

  10. I voted. # 8 in my district. Straight ticket D, except for one (unopposed) state assemblyman who I can’t stand. Of course, this is NY, and a part that is pretty safely Democrat.

    I’m in the process of changing my name and gender, so I was a little worried that by some cosmic conspiracy someone would challenge my registration, but fortunately, things went the way they always do: give your name, they fumble around til they find you in the book, you sign, color in the circles in the ballot, stick it in the ballot muncher, and off you go. I shudder to think what my life will be like if the Mad Dogs take the White House as well as both houses of Congress.

    Besides, I think it was too early for the vote suppressors to be up and about.

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