Veteran’s Day

Please give a thought today to those who served our country.

In other news, I’m taking the weekend off; I figure it’s a good time to disconnect for a bit. Take care of yourselves, and see you all on Monday.

20 Comments on “Veteran’s Day”

  1. To all the veterans out there, both the ones I know and the ones I don’t: Thank you for your service. Be well.

  2. Please give a thought to what our veterans thought they were serving their country for, and how we are about to lose it.

  3. Mr. Scalzi,

    As an active duty service member, allow me to say: thank you sir, both for your kind thoughts and for everything you’ve done to uphold the ideals that I’ve always believed my country stands for. Current events have been pretty hard on me, I’ve considered resigning but decided that I can probably do more good where I am, at least until someone tries to give me an unlawful order.

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  5. Millennium crow:
    I’m a reservist (newly commissioned! At 39 suspect I’ll oldest 2LT in army!) and had same debate. So far, coming to the same conclusion… I guess we will have more to base decision on after Jan. 20.

  6. All the best on your days off, and thank you for thinking of the veterans. In Canada, where I come from, it’s Remembrance Day, so today I read “In Flanders Fields” with my three year old daughter, and, as always, took a few minutes to remember the sacrifices those in service made and make for us, both here and in Canada. Thank you for your words, too.

  7. Mick,
    Congratulations on your commission! I’m going to guess from you’re post that you’re a mustang? I’ve been saving a pair of my old 2LT bars for my younger brother hoping that he’d go that route, but it doesn’t look like that’ll be happening soon. I’m Air Force by the way, just pinned on major last week. Good luck and feel free to contact me if you want to talk more off-line.

  8. First off John, Thank you from me and a bunch of other vets I know. I can tell you, having been a peacetime soldier, I feel awkward being told thanks. I’ve also had chances to talk to some vets from Iraq and Afghanistan who also feel the same way. We all think the men and women who were before us are the ones that deserve that thanks. In my case, It’s my father who survived WW2, my uncle who didn’t, my mother’s uncle who was a POW “guest” of the Wehrmacht–in particular the Luftwaffe–another uncle who fought in Korea, a barber of all things who helped pound the shore from the U.S.S. Iowa, and a metric fuck-ton of friends and family who slogged through the jungles of Vietnam.

    On the other hand it is super awkward as a peacetime soldier when people who were in middle school tell me thanks, even though it was peacetime duty. But they fought. Their argument is that we didn’t have to fight at that time. At the end of it all, a lot of us don’t feel worthy of that thanks because we feel we were just doing our job at the time and place. What we do feel is that the vets who did it before us are the ones that deserve it. I don’t know what my uncle did just before he got killed–my grandmother clamped down on any mention of him at all for some crazy grief-stricken reason–but whatever, it earned him a Bronze Star and Purple Heart, and that was just a few weeks after D-Day where his unit took some horrific loses. Decimation is not the right time. That means losing only 10% of a unit. They lost 1500 in the air and 60%+ of their equipment. Those are the vets we should have all been celebrating. Every fucking day. But, the memories of them, hell even the next gen info of people like me is dying off.

    Anyway, I hope every one in House Scalzi, and Nation Scalzi-world had a Great V-Day. Don’t ever forget your vets.

  9. Was about to ask, “Where the hell is the “sign up to follow this blog” button, but now I see it at the bottom of my comment area. Is this some clever trick to get people to comment first, then follow, or did I miss the very obvious “follow this blog along with 8 million others” “button” somewhere on the screen here? Oh, and since I didn’t see any warnings anywhere about “cross-commenting” (if that’s the right term), I just want to say, I suddenly have a strong desire to sign up for cable TV again (but not Cinemax). And I’m extremely jealous that your day job is writing.
    Oh, and thanks to the veterans also.

  10. I always feel uncomfortable about being thanked for basically forecasting the weather while in uniform, as if I were in the same category as the men and women who served at the sharp end. I do smile, though, and accept the thanks on behalf of those of my family and friends who did see the elephant.

  11. @pappenheimer

    I’ve got an uncle who died at that sharp end. It makes me feel like.. Yeah.. I wore camo? So what? But.. there is that Thank You… I might not feel like I deserve it, but the person on the other end Does think so.

  12. I think that a peacetime soldier might deserve thanks just for existing. Without them being there, it mightn’t have been peace.

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