On the Road Again

Traveling back from a lovely wedding this weekend. It was good to see some joy in the world.

Otherwise, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Looking for non-politico sites to assuage my heart–and glad to find this as a new Scalzi reader!

  2. This seems as good a post as any for this, posted in response to someone’s guilt over celebrating their anniversary:

    I say we celebrate. We celebrate every joyful moment that we can bear to. We celebrate each other. We celebrate victories miniscule and galactic. We celebrate our own worth and we celebrate the worth of every member of the human race. We celebrate the effort that somehow came to naught, and we celebrate the moments when everything simply comes together in a constellation of perfection and there is victory. We celebrate, because to give in to despair will leave us no strength to fight. We celebrate in grey dresses and monotone voices. We celebrate in jewel tones and arias. We will celebrate because this might be the Apocalypse and we have learned from Buffy that when we’ve done fighting this one, there will be another. We will celebrate because this might [be] Ragnaroc or it might be Armageddon but we will not go down without a fight. We will celebrate because joy only lives intermingled with grief. We will celebrate because every breath is a giant “Fuck you!” to the mundanity of evil.

  3. I’ve been going to far too many funersls, more than weddings, so glad to hear from you.
    Isaac Asimov on the new Metallica album
    .by Jonathan Vos Post…
    No, I am programmed to serve
    humans, follow their orders with care.
    never hurt nor kill, to self-preserve,
    if needed, self-repair, self-reconstruct.
    In the driveway
    morning paper
    Closest to the Moon
    since 1948
    I watch through silver aspen
    Hardwired to Self-Destruct —
    but DNA
    is not Destiny
    6:26 a.m.
    15 November 2016

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