New Books and ARCs, 11/21/16

Time to catch up on the latest books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound! What in this stack looks particularly appealing to you? Tell us in the comments!

27 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 11/21/16”

  1. Gloriana is, um, glorious & now I have an excuse -not that I need one- to ditch my tired book club copy & pick up a new one to reread.

  2. Take Back the Sky by Greg Bear! The first two works in his War Dogs Trilogy–War Dogs and Killing Titan–are epic works of military SF. The three-book series is set in our solar system: War Dogs on Mars, Killing Titan on Titan, which is Saturn’s largest moon, and Take Back the Sky on the mythical Planet X. Gurus, Antags, and Skyrines. What’s not to love?

  3. They all look like great reads. Right now I’m reading SPELLBOUND by Larry Correlia. Good escapist reading.

  4. Oh dear, recommending a Sad Puppies author’s book from 2011? Are you sure you’re in the right blog? Of course, to each their own! Diversity of opinion is good.

    Fate of Flames looks good, but that’s just from the title. Perhaps it’s about where flames go to die.

    I read a Brendan Reichs novel recently, trying to recall which. Now that I go and try and find which one, I still don’t know. Perhaps I only thought I read one. I do like Kathy Reichs Bones series a bit, and they’re related in several ways.

  5. Great Cthulhu! For once a book on the pile i actually *have! I didn’t know they had rereleased Gloriana again. A pretty good book. It’s no Elric or Mother London, but still a good book…

  6. AFTER THE CROWN! THE STARS ARE LEGION! (ahem) Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. ;-) Behind the Throne by Wagers was very good; I’m looking forward to the sequel. And Hurley’s new book sounds good as well! I know zero about the rest.

  7. Is this the same text of “Gloriana” as the second edition, or has Moorcock revised it yet again? (He tends to do that.)

  8. Did anyone else read “Fate of the Tearling” as “Fate of the Yearling” or do I just need more coffee? … and now that my ADHD brain has that in its slurry…

  9. Most appealing to me is Maurice Broaddus’s The Voices of Martyrs because the brief description available contains a very apropos African proverb and short story collections always deserve more love.

  10. The Stars are Legion. I love Hurley. Everything she writes makes me think and it is a great story too.

  11. I recall a significant moment of “Gloriana” as being rape-positive. Given the many terrible things occurring previously in the narrative, and its being nearly six hundred years back from and at least 10 Laumers sideways to here, that may be tolerable for some, maybe not for others. Having been the victim of only minor sexual assault, it didn’t destroy my high opinion of the book, but it did ablot it a bit.

  12. OWM504: John pretty regularly posts a whole stack of *just* Bean books. The last one might have been a month or so back.