Print Version of The Dispatcher: Coming in May 2017

For those of you hoping for a print edition of The Dispatcher, your hopes have been answered: Subterranean Press will be releasing its version in May 2017. In addition to standard trade hardcover and eBook editions, Subterranean is also offering a limited (400 copies), signed edition for collectors and especially fervent fans. You know who you are, and yes, I love you dearly.

Note that the Subterranean version of The Dispatcher cover with both cover and interior art by the amazing Vincent Chong, who has done fantastic work on many other of my SubPress releases, including the OMW limiteds, and The God Engines (his work on that remains a personal favorite). When SubPress told me Vinnie was on the case again with The Dispatcher, I may have squeeed just a little. His work here continues to be sublime.

This is also a fine place to thank everyone who downloaded the audio version of The Dispatcher during October. We moved tons of them (like, six figures worth), which made both me and Audible happy. This Subterranean version also makes me happy. Basically, I’m just kind of happy about the story.

(And for the folks who are asking whether there will be more stories in this universe — I plan on it, yes. I really like this universe. Don’t ask me when, though. Because that I don’t know yet.)

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  1. Always glad to see traditional publishing. But for those of us who have accidentally glued our Kindles to our hands (*cough*), will there be an eBook version?

  2. Uhh… Is that final cover design?

    If you have any control over it, I would consider asking them to revise…

  3. dchotin:

    You… didn’t read the entry, did you?

    Jared Mackay:

    I like it and so does the publisher. You may not like it, but you don’t get a vote.

    Also, folks, this is a good time to remind people that when you show up to comment just to take a dump on something, it’s not a great look for you.

  4. This is such AWESOME news. I plan to get in on those signed copies if at all possible. I really enjoyed the audio version, and I’m glad to hear you’ll be writing in this universe again. Scifi mysteries are my new favorite sub genre.

  5. @dchotin – I plan to use the hashtag #thanksTrump every day in the next four years, just because.

  6. Fantastic news! I loved The Dispatcher, and the possibility of more is very attractive indeed. Sort of like Zachary Quinto’s voice, come to think of it…

  7. @Jared, i noticed it too. But is it that big a deal? I hope not. All I do know is when I buy and read this, I’ll be hearing Zachary Quinto’s voice in my head.

  8. I did go back and reread the article, then proceeded to Subterranean Press to see if I could get in on the e-book preorder action, but they haven’t put up anything about that yet. Shall I assume I should check back periodically to see when they post that for preorder?

  9. @TheMadLibrarian For some reason, John’s link in the first sentence doesn’t show up as a link (at least not on my laptop). I saw it only because Whatever blog posts (and all of my other RSS feeds) are sent to my Gmail account using an applet through IFTTT. The email clearly showed the link, which goes here:
    On that page, the second sentence includes a link to the preorder page, here:
    I pre-ordered the book, and the receipt email went to my spam folder. You can avoid that by whitelisting

  10. John, apparently the settings on your blog are making links show up as the same color as non-linked text. Your post on Nov. 10 (Checking In, Eight Days On) has a link that’s slightly better, but for everything on this page (including my first comment above), links are indistinguishable (no color change, no underline) so a link attached to regular text (as yours is above) is not easily discernible as a link. I’m not sure what you changed (if anything) but it’s a CSS setting. My son (a programmer) could change it on my local copy of the page so I know it’s fixable.

  11. Excellent news about more stories in this world. I loved the audiobook. Can’t wait for the next one (I know, I know…I have to wait. But I suck at waiting).

  12. I’m also a fan of SFF blended with mystery, so I will be among those patiently awaiting more in this world! I’ve had trouble finding good stories like this one — “paranormal” and “urban fantasy” have lots of stuff in them that I’m not interested in, in addition to (I guess?) things like this that I’m very interested in. Does anybody more plugged in than me know if there’s a more specific marketing term I should be looking for?

    Separately… I also initially read Jared MacKay’s comment as ignorable drive-by meh-ing, but now that pandorasdadca has chimed in equally obliquely, I’m starting to get twitchy. If people see a substantive problem with the cover (typo, unintended visual double entendre, anatomical impossibility, character or scene representation at odds with story), why not say so directly? What’s the point of being all Secret Squirrel about it? (If this part of my comment is out of line, I apologize and hope it will be deleted)

  13. Arbysmom: I had no trouble finding the link to Subterranean Press, but they haven’t made the e-book available for preorder yet, which is my wish. Your linky doesn’t show it either, but if you spot it, please post it! Mahalo!

  14. John, it seems that not all your books are (eventually) appearing in mass market paperback. And this seems to be happening more broadly in book publishing. Since I custom-built all my bookshelves to have 7.5″ shelves, this is causing serious organizational problems. Is this just due to ebooks or is something else happening?

  15. David Karger:

    More books are going from hardcover to trade paperback, yes, in part because ebook sales are largely cannibalizing mass market sales. That said, some of my books do very well in MMPB — like the OMW series — so it’s likely I’ll continued to have much of my work published in that format.

  16. Awesome. I love the limited editions Subterranean make. Although I sometimes can’t bring myself to read them in case they get dirty or bent… Minor problem. I can always read the e-book version.

  17. This morning I read my emails and there was one from Subterranean announcing this new Scalzi book.
    Hang on a minute; Why hasn’t he told me about this new book on this website?
    Oh, OK. I’ve now opened the website and voila, there’s the announcement.
    I’m sorry John; reading my emails before your website is just so … crass?, inconsiderate?
    To make it up to you I’ve pre-ordered.

  18. I guess I’m bi-cultural. Because I like the all-white area I grew up in, but I also like get a kick out of how the cover of the book shows diversity. (I’ve lived in the big city for decades now)

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