Now, a Scamperbeasts Break!

Nothing like a pair of adorable sistercats to help you unwind after a long day. Enjoy, and have a good rest of your Tuesday.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

21 replies on “Now, a Scamperbeasts Break!”

My informal research indicates that YouTube is just short of four years worth of cat videos for anyone wishing to escape the Trump presidency. So I’m afraid it’s up to you, Mr. Scalzi, to fill in the gaps with cute scamper beast pics. Hey, you started it so don’t let us down during this critical time in history, which many of us would rather ignore. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll always read your political rants, but the cat pics serve their purpose nonetheless.

Thank you for that. So depressed about the Empire and Darth Cheeto, among other things, so this cheered me up. So Kayute!!!! Dave and I miss having feline company badly. We cannot wait to get a couple of furballis adorablises for our new domicile (we’re in the final stages of closing our first home!!) in about a month.

Oh, what lovely lissome ladies they have become! There is so much personality in those faces – they are clearly felines of strong opinions and independent spirits. As is right and fitting, of course.

Thanks for the Scamperbreak, sir. Much needed, and much appreciated.

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