Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2016, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More

The Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2016 continues, and today we move away from books and focus on other gifts and crafts — which you can take to mean just about any other sort of thing a creative person might make: Music, art, knitting, jewelry, artisan foodstuffs and so on. These can be great, unique gifts for special folks in your life, and things you can’t just get down at the mall. I hope you see some cool stuff here.

Please note that the comment thread today is only for creators to post about their gifts for sale; please do not leave other comments, as they will be snipped out to keep the thread from getting cluttered. Thanks!

Creators: Here’s how to post in this thread. Please follow these directions!

1. Creators (of things other than books) only. This is an intentionally expansive category, so if you’ve made something and have it available for the public to try or buy, you can probably post about in this thread. The exception to this is books (including comics and graphic novels), which have two previously existing threads, one for traditionally-published works and one for non-traditionally published works (Note: if you are an author and also create other stuff, you may promote that other stuff today). Don’t post if you are not the creator of the thing you want to promote, please.

2. Personally-created and completed works only. This thread is specifically for artists and creators who are making their own unique works. Mass-producible things like CDs, buttons or T-shirts are acceptable if you’ve personally created what’s on it. But please don’t use this thread for things that were created by others, which you happen to sell. Likewise, do not post about works in progress, even if you’re posting them publicly elsewhere. Remember that this is supposed to be a gift guide, and that these are things meant to be given to other people. Also, don’t just promote yourself unless you have something to sell or provide, that others may give as a gift.

3. One post per creator. In that post, you can list whatever creations of yours you like, but allow me to suggest you focus on your most recent creation. Note also that the majority of Whatever’s readership is in the US/Canada, so I suggest focusing on things available in North America.

4. Keep your description of your work brief (there will be a lot of posts, I’m guessing) and entertaining. Imagine the person is in front of you as you tell them about your work and is interested but easily distracted.

5. You may include a link to a sales site if you like by using standard HTML link scripting. Be warned that if you include too many links (typically three or more) your post may get sent to the moderating queue. If this happens, don’t panic: I’ll be going in through the day to release moderated posts. Note that posts will occasionally go into the moderation queue semi-randomly; Don’t panic about that either.

6. As noted above, comment posts that are not from creators promoting their work as specified above will be deleted, in order to keep the comment thread useful for people looking to find interesting work.

Now: Tell us about your stuff!

115 Comments on “Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2016, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More”

  1. I turned my life upside down and shook it recently, and this art keeps falling out. While trying to fold it all together into a happier and more interesting life than the previous, I sell pictures of the pieces on Society6.
    The nice thing about Society6 is that it makes it easy to put all my random brain stuffings onto a variety of merchandise. It feels oddly satisfying that my weird life chunks are now on rugs or leggings. Please buy a shower curtain with my octopus/rabbit impossible love painting, or a t-shirt with my boyfriend’s sad cat on it.


  2. Unsure what you should get that special someone this year? Shopping for the person who has everything? Does this person (like any sensible human) love fantasy? Perhaps you should get them an original work of art!
    I create watercolor paintings, typically fantasy themed although I also do some pet portraits and landscapes. Give your loved ones the gift of art!


  3. Boredom leads to creativity, or at least risk taking. We make Lichtenberg Figures on hand made wooden objects. Lichtenberg Figures are similar to the jagged streaks lightning makes. It takes 4,000 to 12,000 volts to burn the figures into the objects. You can view our stuff at our Etsy site.


    We enjoy doing it and hope you will like it too.

    Thanks to John Scalzi for allowing folks to show off their stuff!

  4. Hi it’s TheFriendlyLady! I make dolls and other handmade toys, that can be personalized with your fabric selction and even an embroidered name. Some of the items currently available are:
    Hamilton dolls A. Ham and A. Bear
    mermaids with personalized tails
    handmade bunnies and bears with your child’s name
    and many more!


    Happy Holidays!

  5. I have photography prints and wall art for sale here: jcdy.smugmug.com

    Mostly from the Boston, Chicago, and LA areas, so they might be especially interesting for people who live around there.

  6. I create watercolors, pottery, encaustics (the ancient art of painting with wax) and more. My watercolors over pen-and-ink are illustrating classic animal myths. My pottery includes yarn bowls, mugs, bowls, and I happily do custom work. My website is http://www.cogitation.org, or follow me on Instagram as cogitation_zone (https://www.instagram.com/cogitation_zone/?hl=en). I also teach classes if you’re local to my studio at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA.

  7. Hi everyone! I make cute, geeky bags and accessories. I design purses and sew them in fabrics inspired by things like Game of Thrones, Sailor Moon, and Neko Atsume. I also have handmade keychains and pouches. So if you or someone you know likes video games, anime, or fantasy, be sure to check out the shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlexLynnCrafts

  8. I make art jewelry. You can find it at my Etsy shop. Shinies, sooooo many shinies! New stuff appearing frequently!

    (If you saw the necklace-crown Michi Trota was wearing when she accepted her Hugo, that was one of mine. If you like jewelry made with dinosaur bone or druzy or beautiful agate, I have some. If you like jewelry with names that might inspire you to write something, come take a look. If you just need a shiny thing to cheer you or a friend up, come on over!)

  9. Happy holidays, everyone! :) In addition to being a fiction and essay writer, I write poetry. In fact, that’s how I started as an author. And in trying my whole life to be an artist, I’ve finally hit upon a visual art that works. I make poetry art cards, which contain 3D paper art and a fragment of one of my poems. All are handmade by me. There are over a dozen designs in all, and you can see all of them here: https://sapphostorque.com/2016/08/13/rainy-day-sale/

    The cards are made on high-quality cardstock. They’re blank on the inside and come with an envelope. They sell for $7 each, but if you buy more than 2, I’ll give you a discount. At the moment you can get them only through me directly. If you’re in the Houston area, I’ll be selling them (and my books) in person on Saturday, December 10th, at the Sawyer Yards Arts Market.

    And until New Year’s, I’ll donate $1 for every book or card I sell to the cause of your choice (ACLU, SPLC, or Houston Food Bank). Please send me an email to forest dot of dot diamonds at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

    Thanks for the chance to mention these here! :)

  10. Hello, and thank you for this opportunity.

    My name is William Hughes, and I’m a nature and conservation photographer based in Colorado. I specialize in creating high quality, fine art images. Two of my most recent projects involve Florida’s springs, and the native Greenback Cutthroat Trout of Colorado.

    All of the photos on my website are available as prints on top quality fine art paper, or as gallery floats. If you are interested in a type of custom print that you do not see on my website, please contact me.

    You can find my work here: http://www.whughesstudio.com/

  11. Hi again!

    In addition to writing (see yesterday’s thread), I also dabble in graphics. My most recent project is the Diversity Flag.

    While I like the general idea of the safety-pin thing, I wanted something that made a stronger, less equivocal statement–and one less likely to be co-opted by trolls. I also wanted something that could be used by businesses, teachers, emergency workers and others who may want a way to instantly convey that they welcome and support all customers, students or others they may serve. My own community has made good use of the rainbow flag in this way, but obviously, we’re not the only ones under attack, so we need something more.

    In the idea of solidarity in diversity, then, I retooled the U.S. flag. The red-and-white stripes have become 13 different skin tones. The stars, symbols of 50 different religious and cultural identities and movements. Many different people, all making America beautiful.

    I set up two stores offering a range of items–T-shirts, stickers, car magnets, etc.–with different variants on the design:


    While this isn’t an official charity project, I will be donating a portion of profits to various justice orgs, such as the ACLU, SPLC, GLSEN, etc. Feel free to contact me with suggestions for worthy groups!

    Also, if you’d like to use the image yourself for non-commercial purposes, feel free. It’s on a Creative Commons license.

  12. I’ve just begun creating geeky fun charms (wine glass charms, etc), handmade from polymer clay. I am gearing up to post a bunch more just in time for Christmas shoppers looking for something for their favorite geek. You can also send me a message asking about a particular geeky figure, and I’ll make it happen. See what I have so far at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/kristopiastudios

  13. I make the perfect stocking stuffers for geeks: handmade natural cosmetics inspired by fictional people and places. If you’re looking to rep your Hogwarts house pride or the Paladins of Voltron in an awesome manicure, for example, I have the gear for you! I’m also running an awesome sale for my birthday all weekend, and you can get the details on my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/dragonsworn

  14. Hello!
    I make colorful, high-quality synthetic hair clip-in hair accents and extensions, great for costumes or just to add a bit of color to your world. All of my clip sets are — unless noted otherwise — hand shuffled from Shapeshifter synthetic hair, and are comfortable, durable, and style-able! (You can check the Youtube link in the shop description for quick tutorials on how to style your Shapeshifter hair clips.)
    My Etsy shop:

    Thank you so much!

  15. Thank you for this chance to promote my work!

    Some of you will have seen me previously at cons around Texas and the Southeast, or at Worldcons — I was at Renovation and Lonestarcon 3 and Sasquan, and at MidAmericon 2 this year.

    I make beaded jewelry using mostly stone, glass, and organic materials (pearls/shell, bone, amber, jet, etc.) with sterling silver and gold-filled accents. I also have inexpensive sterling silver earrings and pendants targeted to a geeky crowd — fairies, computers, and rockets, oh my! I venture into fiber arts as well, with hand-braided Japanese-style kumihimo cords used in pendants and bracelets.

    See these things and more at my website, where I’m having a holiday sale.

    My prices range from $15 to $400, but the vast majority of items are in the $20-to-$150 range. Orders of $125 or more get free shipping.

    NOTE 1: My website says I ship to the US and Canada only, but that’s because so many international “orders” for jewelry artists are scams. I trust the people here; if you live outside the US, send me a message via the website (mention this post) and we’ll work something out.

    NOTE 2: Special offer for the community: use coupon code WHATEVER16 at checkout for free shipping on any order. Sorry, this applies to US/Canada orders only because otherwise I’ll eat more on the shipping than the order costs. But see Note 1 above.

  16. I dye yarn (and a few other things) with plants that I gather locally! Natural dyeing is a little like being a mad scientist, except instead of explosions and monsters, I end up with pretty yarn. I’m also running a holiday sale til the end of the year – use the code HOLIDAY2016 at checkout for 15% off!


    I’m also thrilled to chat if anybody wants to know more about dyeing. :D

  17. Instant Attitudes sells T-shirts and bumper stickers designed to appeal to a geeky and educated audience. Some of you will have seen us at cons around the US. Examples:
    – Knowledge is Power; Power Corrupts; Study Hard; Be Evil
    – A mind needs books like a knife needs a whetstone, to maintain its edge.
    – Instant Zombie – just add morning!
    – They got the library at Alexandria – THEY’RE NOT GETTING MINE!
    – Steampunk means never having to ask, “Is this period?”
    – Alcohol and calculus don’t mix. Never drink and derive.
    – You don’t need to look at my chest. These aren’t the breasts you’re looking for. Move along.
    – I don’t want to adult today. I don’t even want to human. Today, I want to cat. (with artwork of sleeping kitty)

    T-shirt price is $19 plus shipping for sizes S-XL; 2X and up slightly more (reflecting the price difference of the blank shirts). Sizes up to 5X are regularly available, and 6X is available by special order.

    Bumper sticker prices start at $2.50, with price breaks at 3, 12, and 20 stickers. We sometimes get orders in which it’s clear that the whole office, or the whole gaming group, has gone in on an order to get the bulk pricing.

    The payment structure is… a little antiquated. There’s no shopping cart, although there are PayPal purchase buttons on the T-shirts. For bumper stickers, we advise sending an e-mail with the list of what you want so that we can check availability; then we’ll send you a total price with shipping and a PayPal link; we also accept checks and money orders by mail. If you live outside the US, please contact us about any order before sending payment — international shipping costs are wildly variable.

  18. Handmade fabric items by lifelong book / movie / textile geek & language nerd. Some of it mugglish, some SFFnal. Lots of bright colors! I’m supporting my fellow geeky women by donating a portion of the proceeds; more info on my website.

    New this year: personal safety reflectors (hearts; feathers; dragon’s heads).

    Shop Playfully Grownup Home at Etsy through Thursday, Dec 08, for pre-Christmas delivery.

    Thanks for reading, and thank you, John, for hosting. Happy holidays! Stay safe.

  19. Thanks for the plug spot, John! My wife and I create hand-rolled paper greeting cards, earrings and wall hangings. Everything we create is hand made and one of a kind. You can see all of our work on our website-


    Still some time to get an order in to send out our cards to your holiday list!

  20. I make custom dog collars and accessories. I offer a lot of options, including plastic hardware for those dogs with nickel allergies (like mine, that’s how I got into making my own collars).
    http://www.etsy.com/shop/CollarKarma is me.

    Right now, through Dec 21, I’m running a sale on Winter Holiday patterns. 10% off with the coupon code “HOHOHO”. :)

    Thanks for doing this John!

  21. Icebreaker card games for friends of both the geeky world and the sports world. We launched our games in 2016. Playable decks of cards that can also ask the deep and meaningful questions of life such as, “Who’s your Doctor?”, “Who’s your Captain?”, and “What is the toughest thing in sports to accomplish?”. Seattle based Jeffrey Lageson and Marci Heider are asking those questions.


  22. I am an artist and right now on my Etsy shop I have ink drawings that have the theme of new and odd deities and nobility. Creatures that look like they could be in a story book but you’re not sure it would be for kids. Please come and investigate these creatures.
    I also show my art here: b3kochan.wordpress.com Where you can contact me for prices for original art or prints. Enjoy!

  23. I am an artist and right now on my Etsy shop I have ink drawings that have the theme of new and odd deities and nobility. Creatures that look like they could be in a story book but you’re not sure it would be for kids. Please come and investigate these creatures. Shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/bekochan
    I also show my art here: b3kochan.wordpress.com Where you can contact me for prices for original art or prints. Enjoy!

  24. I sell handmade jewelry and accessories, my wire wrapped twenty-sided dice and fried marbles are my most recent and favorites right now. I play role playing games and love stuff connected to my game and sparkly pretties, especially making them. Available as necklaces or if you message me, keychains, and fried marbles as earrings: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LizzysFancies I sell from the United States and ship anywhere the USPS lets me! I have shipped to Australia, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands before.

  25. My girlfriend creates pet portraits in a Pop Art style using spray paint and hand cut stencils. They are bright and colorful, durable (spray paint on canvas board is about as indestructible as it gets), handmade, and different. Kids are really attracted to the colors. We have calendars right now which include 13 paintings for $20 and there’s a free shipping coupon code through the end of the week. Enter FREESHIPPING as a coupon code at checkout. You can see all of her work at Pop Art Pets. http://www.popartpetpaintings.com

    She does do custom work, but the waiting list is closed right now as she’s booked through October 2017. There’s lots of beautiful stuff available in her store at super reasonable prices!

  26. Hi John! Thanks for doing this every year!

    I’m a full-time photographic artist, and my evolving art business is called Punk Rock Photography! I sell blank photo greeting cards (great for sending, framing, or using as a more-personal gift-card delivery system!) and matted photo prints of my work at my Etsy shop here: <a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop/PunkRockPhotography&quot;

    Clients have used my photo cards as thank-you notes to editors/clients, gifts for teachers, and in one case in a monthly subscription-box!

    I can’t tell yet whether the advent of the Weeping Angels on Doctor Who has made my cemetery angel photo cards more or less popular. I did once have to say to a kid at a market “Sorry about that angel in your eye!”

    I also do portraiture, and I specialize in photographing musicians, authors, and creative folks of all stripes. You can see some of that work here:

    Thanks again!

  27. Do you like CATS? How about FANTASY? Maybe the two together?

    Through Dec 5th my entire shop is 20%OFF, including my very popular Fantasy Cats series!


    Art prints, original watercolors, and charms on keychains, cell straps, silver necklaces, and earrings! Cats as knights, sorcerers, nobles and mashed up with fantasy creatures!

    If cats aren’t your thing I also have a range of fantasy art prints of demons, elves, tieflings, sorcerers & more. Many are up to 33% off! Thanks!

  28. I sell hand-bound blank books (suitable for journals, sketchbooks, commonplace books, notes, etc) through Etsy here: Ealasaidh: The Book Roadie.

    Themes include: Japanese Chiyogami prints, peacocks, and actual upcycled comic book pages (I bet you know someone who wants a journal with Darth Vader or Captain Marvel on it).

  29. If you’re looking for some cool t-shirts, art prints, baseball caps, or totes for either yourself or as gifts, check out Zombies Need Brains’ online store. We have the ZNB merchandise (t-shirts, baseball caps, and totes) and art prints for all of the ZNB covers so far, and all purchases help out a small press!.

    So while you’re cybering it up, check out Zombies Need Brains!


  30. In addition to writing, I make fine chocolates. You can see me at http://pbchocolates.com. My stuff is different than anything you have ever had, or so my friends tell me! I focus on molded pieces and truffles. My attitude is that the American palate prefers bold flavors (rather than the trend in fine European chocolates for subtle tastes). And, as all of us feel, a big thanks to Mr. Scalzi for his generosity!

  31. Stuff for your skin. Crap free, guaranteed. Occasionally geeky soap at The Vagabond Tabby.

    Especially check out my newest, Divine Luna Face Soap. It’s got happy stuff for your faceparts, & is also pink, which normally makes me a little twidgy, but, well, face soap.

    Y’all get 15% off with SCALZI, of course! Come buy, come buy!

  32. I make teas inspired by ALL THE NERDY THINGS! Books, mythology, TV shows, whatever tickles my nerd bone, really. I’ve got Harry Potter teas (a blend for each Hogwarts house as well as Butterbeer), a Doctor Who tea, and soon will have some more Game of Thrones teas :)


  33. I’m back again, this time with my photographer hat on!

    I have two limited-time galleries up on my site, photos I’ll be selling from now until January 1st. To fit the winter season, both are black-and-white, one of architecture, the other of objects. (You can also browse through the rest of my photos here; those photos are always available.

    These are for sale on pretty much any medium you might want — paper, acrylic, metal, glass, canvas, wood — in pretty much any size you might want. You can also digitally license a photo for use on a book cover or whatever. To purchase anything, drop me a line!

  34. I’m an illustrator and printmaker from the Iowa specializing in Midwest-themed screen printed t-shirts and posters. Really unique stuff that you can check out at bozzprints.com!

  35. Hello all!

    I have a large selection of original horror ink and pencil drawings as well as a few paintings and prints on sale over at my shop http://www.maxmartelli.com/shop

    If you like Universal Monsters, Lovecraft, or just straight up fantasy check out the shop and snag something for the holidays.

    Original commissions and portraits also make wonderful gifts and are also available on request (max@maxmartelli.com)


  36. Looking for something unique, memorable, and fun for your geeky loved ones? How about something they literally can’t get anywhere else? In various mediums, everything I sell is designed and created by me. I also do custom work, so if you don’t see, just ask and we’ll make it happen!

  37. Hello! My text-based computer game, Cannonfire Concerto, is being published by Choice of Games (choiceofgames.com) next week. So you won’t see it there for a few more days, but if you can’t wait there are dozens of other cool text-based games for you to buy right now.

    My game is about a musical virtuoso touring around Meropa, a continent a bit like Napoleonic Europe. It features intrigue, adventure, romance, and musical duels. In terms of format, it’s something like if a choose your own adventure book kept track of hundreds of previous choices and altered the outcomes of choices depending on what you’d chosen before.

  38. I make geek-themed calligraphy!

    Are you a professional geek looking for art for your office? Got you covered:

    Looking for a geek-themed greeting card? Got that, too:

    I also do geek-themed ketubot, which are Jewish marriage documents. I offer a variety of designs and four different text options, including non-religious, gender-neutral variation suitable for people who like the idea of a down-to-earth marriage covenant but aren’t down with Judaism, or other organized religion. I can do custom texts, too.

    I take commissions! It’s a bit late to do anything much for December 25, 2016, but I can work to deadlines in 2017.


  39. @jan dohner, OMG you guys are just down the road from me! :D
    :favorites Etsy store:

  40. I write and record songs about many things, including science fiction and fantasy stories. I have two albums for sale at my bandcamp site. The more recent one is Dr Faber’s Medicine Show My previous album is The King’s LuteYou can stream the music to see what you think before you buy.

    I also have one rough recording up there that I wrote two days after the election: Still Here It might appeal to many readers here. You can download that one free if you like.

  41. The music that was going to replace my need to write a book? Yep! Including the song that I thought was specifically doing that job. Post-punk/post-glam by my band Varnish. Links to buy, videos, and etc at the Varnish website. Thanks!

    Description of the Each to Each EP:
    Five true stories about imperfect, occasionally violently broken love and survival, each with at least a glimmer of the hope that pulled Amber through when she was in the middle of it. (Of course, sometimes, you have to squint to catch that glimmer…or give up just a little…)

  42. I’m Apryl Knight, and I play music from many lands and many times on WAY too many instruments! My first CD, “Allons-y! Time Travelers’ Tunes” is a lively jaunt through time (though not exactly space; the TARDIS was feeling a bit under the weather that day). My second CD, “Dance The Knight Away” is a rousing and relaxing exploration of English, French, and Italian dance music from 1445-1657, played on hurdy gurdy, bowed psaltery, flute, and penny whistle, featuring lots of percussion, cello, acoustic bass, violin, mandola, and viola da gamba. I also have very cunning Hedgehog t-shirts (stylish *and* comfortable!)


    Thank you for letting us promote our work, Mr. Scalzi!

  43. Original art for sale and ON SALE for the holiday season, I’m an artist of many moods:

    Watercolors, inks, or oils… Stylized, illustrative, or realistic… Small, medium, or large… There’s something here for almost everyone, including prints of several items.

    I’ve had a very active year for shows, with two coming down today. Please don’t make me put all that back in storage.

    I’ve also had a terrible commission season for the holidays, as I got my car totaled and my head whacked in a car accident several weeks ago. I can’t accept any more gigs for fear of not completing them on time.

  44. When I was young, I decided I wanted to be an artist or a flute player. So, I got the degree in music and now, many years later, I’m working on the “artist” part. Chromatic Maille is colorful, musically-inspired chainmaille jewelry for the 21st century featuring glass beads, swarovski crystals and handmade polymer clay elements. You can see (and buy!) it at http://chromaticmaille.indiemade.com or my Facebook page (Chromatic Maille). Thanks for the opportunity, John!

  45. My friend does amazing chainmaille jewelry that is very geeky (think Captain America earrings and such). Some of her work is even inspired by my novels, which is the coolest thing as an author. You should check out her work as she does amazingly creative work!

  46. I’m Dawn Xiana Moon, a singer-songwriter who sings in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese – the one-second spiel is Seductive folk pop with influences from jazz and traditional Chinese music.

    Or the five-second spiel: A seductive and passionate voice, evocative songwriting, and formal training make Dawn Xiana Moon one of the most distinctive Asian-American singers of her generation. She has toured in 10 states and combines her diverse influences – traditional Chinese music, Americana, pop, jazz, and classical music – to bridge the musical traditions of the East and West.

    You can buy my last album direct (I’ll autograph it for free!), or on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

    “A powerful multi-octave voice and lyrics that paint pictures and tell a story in your mind… one of my favorite performers.” – Chicago Acoustic Underground

    Thanks for the plug, John!

  47. I embroider rude words and portraits of badass ladies for The Badasserie, my Etsy shop that just opened this weekend. It’s almost empty at the moment, but I’ll be adding more soon (plus jewelry made of treehouse scrap wood, left over from our other family business)!

  48. Thank you for this opportunity to share my work, John!

    My wife and I run an online shop, specializing in accessories based around boardgames and tabletop RPGs. We began with the introduction of our “Book of Holding” dice and accessory case a couple of years ago. We’re currently working to reintroduce is with an upgraded Version 2.0, including an integrated rolling tray and dry erase surface.

    In the meantime, we’ve expanded our line of “Critically Clean Soap” to include over 20 different scents. Each soap-on-a-rope is shaped like a twenty-sided die and has a unique smell, themed after it’s particular class. Encapsulated within the center of each one is an actual plastic d20, making for a nice surprise after the soap itself is gone.

    You can see everything we have to offer at our website: http://www.BookOfHolding.com, or purchase directly through our Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BookOfHolding

    We also try to attend several local conventions through each year. We’re primarily based around Dayton, Ohio, but are known to make it out to Cincinnati and Columbus at times. Hopefully we’ll see you at one sometime!

    Thanks again, John.
    Happy holidays, and long-live the Conclave!

  49. Hello, i make custom chainmail! Anything from jewelry to dicebags to ties and bowties to dragon tails. Everything is made ring (or scale) by ring to what you would like! You can check out my website to see some of the things i have made and get an idea for what you would like =)

  50. I make fractal art. Math geeks in particular might appreciate my “Math is awesome” t-shirts. I also have Holidays Greetings cards, amongst other goodies.


    Zazzle offers a lot of discounts during the holiday season.
    Thank you for this opportunity to promote my work!

  51. Thank for the megaphone, John!

    I’m Lea Hernandez, a graphic novelist/comicker/sculptor and one of the art team on the Teen Titans Go! comic; that show and comic you love if you’re a parent with a kid, because fart jokes are where the circles in the parent/kid humor Venn diagram overlap.
    In my Etsy store I sell high-quality prints of my watercolor paintings of bunnies doing things like breaking sleds, riding brooms, and cosplaying as Daleks. I’m also selling original art from my Halloween-themed kid’s book.
    I’m taking a VERY limited number of commissions, starting at $70 for 8×10″ b&w single figure. (Contact me through my Etsy profile with your wants, and I’ll make a listing for you.)


  52. I’m a jewelry designer, selling beautifully odd necklaces and earrings with a geeky theme. Please, do check it out at facebook.com/ElaborateFlight/ and etsy.com/shop/elaborateflight

  53. For the crafty Renaissance Faire and SCA enthusiasts, I create historically accurate sewing patterns for 16th century clothing. Book length instruction manuals help you make the outfit of your dreams. http:/www.margospatterns.com

  54. So new at this I don’t have a store…I make hand-bound leather journals/blank books.

    Slip one into a cargo pocket or purse, or pull out your pen and fill one with poetry for someone special. Each book features 48-60 deluxe pages hand-sewn into a soft leather binding. Pages are protected by a flap with your choice of strap, snap or Velcro closure. Finished size is roughly 4.5″x6″. For pictures, see the sample on my husband’s business Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/macgremlin.and.company/photos/pcb.642286655942336/642286459275689/?type=3&theater

    Normally $35; between now and Dec. 11 mention Whatever to get yours for only $30 with free shipping to any U.S. address. Please email SNHintze[at]gmail[dot]com to inquire about available colors, place an order, or discuss international shipping.

    Many thanks to John for this opportunity, and best wishes to all Whatever readers for a wonderful holiday season!

  55. Hi everyone!

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