I Was Going To Write Something Thoughtful and Meaningful Today But Then I Thought, Screw It, I’ll Just Put Up a Picture of a Cat, Really, It’s All The Same, Isn’t It

So here you go. Merry December 3!

38 Comments on “I Was Going To Write Something Thoughtful and Meaningful Today But Then I Thought, Screw It, I’ll Just Put Up a Picture of a Cat, Really, It’s All The Same, Isn’t It”

  1. Ah, what a wonderful way to commence a weekend, with a visit from a handsome mask-and-mantle gentleman. Thank you, kind Zeus, for sharing your image with us, and thank you also, Mr. Scalzi, for snapping the photo and putting it up.

    Happy weekend to all!

  2. The cat does not care about politics. The cat merely wants to be fed. In return for food, petting will be tolerated.

    Vote Felis Domesticus. Bring naps to our nation.

  3. Zeus would like to make the point that he is better and more magnificent than anything a mere human may be able to say.

  4. Why are you wasting Zeus’ time making pictures rather than feeding him? Clearly, you need additional training how to properly care for cats.

  5. Actually, it really “all the same, John.” Children crying, politicians lying, and people dying is quite different from the photos of a cat. But it is an escape from the truth of matters!

    Thank you, for the needed distraction.

  6. The only politics here? “Dad, as senior cat of the household, am I showing sufficient gravitas?” ^_^

  7. My daughter, 16 months old, thinks you are mean. Cats are not supposed to be in mommy’ s phone. They should be in her arms to be cuddled.
    I want to thank you for lighting up my day, even as my daughter is screaming in my ear, demanding i make the cat appear…

  8. Or in haiku form –
    Look on cats face says
    Have they lost their friggin minds?
    Start feeding me steak!

  9. Scalzi, this is what distinguishes you from other political commentators. It isn’t your coherent reasoning, it isn’t your familiarity with actual facts, or your um, direct, writing style (all three of which were displayed in your recent comment about John Marshall pulling Marbury v. Madison out of his ass).

    No, what sets you apart is that you know when to say screw it and just show a cat picture. It gives everyone (including you) a chance to settle down. Would that more people and organizations had done this during the recent campaign.

    I think GiantPanda has it right. I don’t know if it’s about food, but Zeus is clearly letting you know that you are slacking off. Better watch out or you will be sent to Feline Overload Re-education Camp.

  10. That expression kinda reminds me of the one my German Shepherd used to give me. “Really monkey-boy, you thought THAT was a good idea?!?”

  11. How about some more pictures of your dog? She’s a dead ringer for one we had when I was little. That dog, wouldn’t you know it, was the only witness to a possible paranormal experience I had, and the wretched beast refused to say she’d been there too.

    We liked her anyway.

  12. *sigh*
    I miss the thoughtful, funny, interesting wordy bits.

    Clearly we need *video* of the cat.

  13. Works for me…I’m still following politics but in very controlled doses…otherwise my teeth would be ground down to nothing.

  14. As soon as you said it’s all the same my mind put a beret on the cat, a cigarette in his mouth, and he started to say, “Everything is sheet.”

  15. Have you ever considered buying Zeus a lightning bolt-shaped cat toy? If you haven’t, well, Christmas is coming up soon ….

  16. What mind-draining powers does a Scalzi cat picture have? Once I see one, all thought disappears except a meditative “Dawwww…..”

  17. Well, no, sorry. It definitively is not the same. I like what you write, more than what you photograph.

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