Miniatures Arrives!

And is looking very fine, I have to say. It showed up to my house while I was away this weekend in Chicago, so I saw it in the flesh when I returned yesterday evening. Which is a very fine way to have a homecoming, I have to say. The book itself is wonderfully well put-together, as Subterranean Press books typically are, and I especially love the cover and interior art, which is done by Natalie Metzger. They’re perfect for the book.

If I have a copy it means that other copies will be heading out soon. But there is still time to preorder from SubPress, and when you do, you’ll get the electronic version included in the price of the (limited to 1500! All signed by me!) hardcover. Go get it; it’s a fun collection of short stories, and a very pretty book.

13 Comments on “Miniatures Arrives!”

  1. Oooo, shiny!!! Preordered this months ago, and have been looking forward to it especially since your reading at MidAmeriCon II.

    I am especially delighted that your latest opus is destined to arrive in my mailbox soon, as I am scheduled for some repair work tomorrow and will be off work for a period of time thereafter. I cannot imagine a better way to augment my recovery than with a volume of Scalzi shot fiction – I won’t even need the pain meds.

    Thanks for the day-brightener!

  2. What? No red-shirted dodo being chased by a green space man?

    (…you’ll have to have been at Capclave 2012 to get that joke)

  3. @TheMadLibrarian: Are they also Angry? I think it important that they are: *Happy* Flying Space Badgers seem just a tad unbelievable, TBH.

    @John: Of course, you realize you now must release those miniatures in miniature as well, or there’s going to be riots…

  4. Here is a linky thing to a local artist (read: retired tinkerer) and darned if your book cover doesn’t remind me of some of the things Bill makes. Check it out.