It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

And it’s always nice to find a cat under the tree. 

Hope your December is going swimmingly.

24 Comments on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”

  1. How many trees do you put up? Only one for us, but my cousin puts up 5-10 depending on her mood.

  2. Jeanie Babbage:

    We have two in the house currently. We’ve gone up to three some years, BUT they are all artificial, and easy to take up and bring down.

  3. I just got home from choir rehearsal where we sang that very song. I didn’t realize before today that it was written by Meredith Willson. Listening to it with that in mind, it was completely obvious.

  4. The real key, I’ve learned (with 4 cats) is figuring out how to keep them from climbing it.

    Oh, and if you figure out that part, would you let me know?

  5. Our eldest cat, Scout, worships our tree. She refuses to allow the other cat near it and growls at us when we try to tinker with it.

  6. Merry Christmas, John. And thank you for posting pictures and commentary this past year that has pulled me from the edge on more than one occasion. Sometimes I have felt like I am living in an alternate reality, and then I see your beautiful wedding picture or read a post from you that lets me know I am still sane and this, too will pass. Thanks, again.

  7. The comments about cats and Christmas trees bring back many memories, of which the most vivid is from about 40 years ago when we decided to get a flocked tree for the first (and last) time.
    We brought it home, set it up and decorated it, and went to bed. When we got up the next morning, we discovered that the cats had successfully transferred all of the flocking from the tree to the floor of the house.
    – Tom –

  8. Having a new house (in 1994 or so) with a really high ceiling, we once got a really tall tree – so tall I had to add guy wires to the wall to stabilize the monument. Then we had a Xmas party to decorate the tree all evening, slowly, one or two people at a time. I did the lights in the beginning, and then wife and I unwrapped things for friends to add to the tree.

    One of the best parties we’ve ever had. And one of the last trees we did, no decorating anymore.

    Your tree is lovely, and so is the art on the wall. I will point out that bringing order and cleanliness to a single corner of the room is not that big a challenge. We cleaned the floor in the bedroom the other day, for example. And the bathroom. Rest of the house still a disaster zone.

    Happy Christmas, all, and Merry New Year !!

  9. We have a Advent Tree.
    The tree is bear except for blue lights. Purple lights are acceptable. On Christmas Eve we put on the colored lights and ornimates. The home Navitety scene is up with everyone but the Christ child who has not come Yet. Since we don’t have any children, we consintreat on the more spiritual aspects of the season.

  10. The picture reminds me that our family’s former cat loved sleeping directly at the foot of our Christmas tree. There was enough space for him to curl up on the floor and not worry about getting stepped on. Of course, when it came time to put presents under the tree, he had something to say about our imposing on his space.

  11. Is the tree on a chair so that the animals can’t knock it down or otherwise mess with it?

    I’ve never seen a Christmas Tree on a chair before (disclaimer: I don’t celebrate Christmas, so my sample is limited)

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