New Books and ARCs, 12/16/16

An economy-sized collection of new books and ARCs for your delight this Friday, with many fine authors and books. What calls to you here? Tell us in the comments!

24 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 12/16/16”

  1. I would certainly at the very least pick up and look at a book titled “The Purple Swamp Hen and Other Stories.”

  2. The Tad Williams book. (I have good luck with requesting that my library purchase things, but I also know that their acquisitions budget is rather slim. ::wanders off to ask them to get this one::)

  3. Jon Chaisson – Writer, obsessed music listener and collector, okay bassist and guitarist, hoopy frood. Questionable logical circuits, but he gets by.
    Jon Chaisson

    I really enjoy that AM Dellamonica series. Looking forward to reading that third book soon.

  4. lloeren – Originally from Bridgend in South Wales, I live in Brittany, France with my husband and two youngest daughters. My eldest daughter now lives in North Wales. I no longer work as I have severe depression but in a previous life I was a Java developer. My passions are knitting, spinning and other fibre arts. I also read vast amounts of science fiction and fantasy or as I prefer to call it - speculative fiction. I can be found on as Lloer.

    The Tad Williams book is a must, I’ve been a huge fan of his for about 27 years now so it’s a fairly obvious choice. Is “The Purple Swamp Hen and Other Stories.” by ‘the’ Penelope Lively? I haven’t read anything by her for a very long time. That and the intriguing title make for a strong second choice.

  5. Is that black-city demon or black city-demon. I mean – is it the demon or the city that’s black? I need to know!

  6. realthog – Hugo- and World Fantasy Award-winning author of 70+ books, including novels, story collections, science history and various big fat encyclopedias. Runs the Noirish site at My website's at

    The Penelope Lively, the Tad Williams and the John Joseph Adams for me, I’d say.

  7. A quick question – are you able to actually read all of the books and ARC’s that come your way?! You must be a speed reader extraordinaire if so!

  8. glwilson, if your library doesn’t pick up the Tad Williams, use this magic phrase: Interlibrary Loan. Good luck! (I will be ordering it for my library system, for sure.)
    As for me, I think I would like to try the Penelope Lively.

  9. Definitely The Nature of a Pirate. The first Stormwrack book was my favorite read in 2015, the second was quite enjoyable, I’ve been looking forward to the third.

  10. The Tad Williams book’s title definitely speaks to me. It beautifully encapsulates what I want to write about the last year or so.

  11. whbeebe – Somewhere in the Orion Arm – I am a retired engineer who writes about photography, my pets, software development, computer languages, operating systems, embedded computers like the Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit and Arduino devices, and whatever else may catch my interest.

    Parallel Lines
    Star’s End (alternate name for Trantor)
    Cosmic Powers

  12. Hope Griffin Diaz – North Carolina – So, to borrow from a popular shirt, I love Jesus but I cuss a little. Well, a lot. In fact, I just don't believe Jesus really gives a shit about the word 🤬 I am married to the love of my life, Louie (aka Luis) and have an adult child, Christy. Reading transports me to places that are inaccessible to me right now. Whether those places address in space or in areas I'm unable to travel, I am grateful for books and authors who keep my mind occupied. I fancy myself an amateur gardener, I am owned by a large black purr machine maine coon cat named Samwise aka #SamSam and a Border Collie/Australian Cattle dog mix named Daisy. I knit. I craft. I sew. These are at my leisure and are hobbies. I don't take commissions nor do I do alterations. I'm an aspiring human being. I battle several mental illnesses including depression, major panic disorder, agoraphobia, germaphobia, claustrophobia, and some other assorted illnesses. I also have fibromyalgia and have had numerous traumatic brain injuries (into the double digits now). I am not able to drive at night.
    Jada Diaz


  13. Hi there Eight Hats
    On a scale of: –
    A – Re-readable and recommendable
    B – Readable, and
    C – Can be Putdown unfinished without feeling any guilt
    I’d rate Parcel of Rogues a B.
    Haven’t read Wars of the Rhine yet.
    Yeah, maybe the series should just fade away.
    Although I will give it one piece of praise: – it has introduced some new authors that maybe otherwise wouldn’t have made it..

  14. Monica McAbee Yeah, I’ve had good luck with ILL; it’s also fascinating to see how far some of those books travel to get to me. (Most recent: a Mary Stewart novella I didn’t even know *existed* until someone mentioned it on Facebook, and Mary Renault’s earliest novels, before she started making ancient Greece – and then Alexander – extremely real for me.) (Also, earlier on, the Jack Vance Treasury, because that’d use up half a year’s book-buying budget for me, but oh, did I need to read it. :) )

  15. Phantom Pains – the first in the series was very good and quite original. The Annie Bellet series is good basic urban fantasy with a mildly entertaining RPG trope running through it (although this is a compilation volume of previously published ebooks I’ve read already). The Uncommoners looks worth checking out for my third grader. I’m curious what Penelope Lively is doing in this pile. And I’m wondering if that’s a deliberate reference to Foundation in Cassandra Rose Clarke’s title, or accidental?

  16. Well of course the Tad Williams is a must, though I am shocked to see how thin a volume that is. Are we sure that’s REALLY Tad?

    The 1635 books intrigue of course, though I am so lost in the massive tangle that is that series that I have no idea whether or not I should be looking for them yet.

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