Golden Hour, 12/19/16

That’s ice on the lawn and trees, sparkling in the sun. Cold. But pretty.

(The larger version is even prettier.)

11 Comments on “Golden Hour, 12/19/16”

  1. Looks chilly. And pretty, but more chilly. Big linky not working for me but that might be Websense.

  2. Very nice on Flickr too, but I thought I would repeat myself:
    Very lovely, but you know, we have all that cold PLUS SNOW! Bub

  3. Very pretty. I don’t see any snow though. Here in Dakota, we have too much snow and it was 37 degrees below zero (yes, Fahrenheit) the other night. Well, “only” 26 below in my part of the state. Actual temps, not wind chill. But anything under 25 F in winter is too cold, in my book. Stay warm.

  4. From further up north, is that a sundog? Can’t tell, maybe a moon to the right in the sky. We were cold enough for sundogs, but I didn’t see any. (usually requires 10 degrees below zero and colder). Nice picture.

  5. oops. Never have know my right from my left. If it is a sundog, it is to the left of the sun at about 7:30.

  6. I’ll be thinking of you folks tomorrow (Wednesday). Our forecast maximum here in Perth for Wednesday is currently 41C (which is actually a decrease from where it was yesterday – last night they were predicting 42C). Either way, I’m not looking forward to it – definitely a good day to take a good long time over the grocery shopping at the mall, rush home, put everything away, then head back out to the local library (our current rental house doesn’t have air-conditioning).

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