A Seasonal Greeting From Daisy

Daisy ecumenically wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, brilliant solstice, joyous Kwanzaa and all the best for the coming year. And so do I!

20 Comments on “A Seasonal Greeting From Daisy”

  1. Thanks Daisy. Belly rub and nose sniffs from Savannah, Hailey, Lady, Maggie, and Darcy.

  2. Cheery Saturnalia! My wife and I are visiting with my sister, her husband, our teen nephew, and ‘tween niece. They brought us to an escape room where we got out of an 18% success-rate room so we’re pretty full of ourselves. Now if only we could figure out how to escape from this alternate universe into the real one without a president-elect Fuckface von Clownstick.

  3. And greetings back from Rochester, Kent, England, where I am pursuing a more feline approach to Christmas, viz. allowing my daughter to spoil me, and not going for brisk healthy walks…

  4. Right back at you Daisy & family! Many well wishes for 2017 from Garrus, Tucker, Stella Bean, Kasumi…and me, their human.

  5. The soul in those eyes…what a sweetheart. Have a wonderful holiday with your beloved humans and, er, others.

  6. Sweet old girl. May everyone receive a full quota of scratches round the ears, cuddles, and tasty treats this holiday season. ^_^

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