Read an Excerpt From The Collapsing Empire has got up the prologue The Collapsing Empire, my upcoming novel. It works as a complete short story in itself. Here is the link to read it. Happy Boxing Day!

P.S.: If you like it and want to pre-order it, Subterranean Press can get you a signed, inscribed copy (signed and inscribed by me, to be clear). Here’s the pre-order link for that.

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  1. John sez: “Read an Excerpt From The Collapsing Empire”

    Isn’t that The Washington Post? *gdrlhwswhwh*

    * grin, duck and run whil shouting “woo hoo, woo hoo”. Think Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd and you get the idea.

  2. Can _ me a signed? Sounds tempting! I’ll read first through the prologue. And happy holidays!

    PS: In the prologue, “Inverr smiled and the name of the House of Tois’ patriarch” – should that be “at the name”?
    PPS: A couple more typos. “Vectoral” vs. “vectorial”, “Staring emergency engine protocol” vs. starting. But a good read already!

  3. OOO… I’ll have to go pick up. Been teasing my way through The Dispatcher over the holidays. I hope there is more to come from that corner of the Scalziverse?

  4. That’s one lethal captain – not only did she [spoiler] XO Ollie Inverr, she made it as if XO Byrno Wuagh had never even existed!

  5. Haven’t read the excerpt yet because I like to get immersed in one go, and I’m already sold on the idea, so no teasing needed!

    Have you any more details on the audiobook version–release date and narrator especially?

  6. Sounds great, i look forward to reading the rest. has preorders available for the e-book. One version for $4.79 and one for $13.09. Is the expensive one made with extra shiny bits?

  7. Soren:

    In the US there’s only the $12 one. I don’t know why there’s variant pricing elsewhere.

    Don Gilstrap:

    I’ll be touring, yes. Details to come.


    Audio will be released same day as the hardcover. I can’t say anything about narrator yet.

  8. Man, your intros really are among the best in the business. (Even Ghost Brigades, excepting that you totally cheated.) Your short fiction really should get more attention.

    Question, though: Three characters experience name changes (with one reversion) during the prologue. Copy error or clue?

  9. I’m a library user; I put the book – which is already in order – on hold immediately after finishing the excerpt. There are 16 people lined up in front of me. Who are these people, and how did they know about the book before me?

    Also, was the gang the Captain ran with as a teen the Rapid Dogs or the Rabid Dogs? Rapid vs. Rabid: Typo or just playing with expectations?

  10. There were a couple of inconsistencies with the names, nothing a quick edit job won’t fix.

    I’m even more sold than I already was. Happy holidays!

  11. That was a great read. And I love the cover artwork; I’ve had it as a wallpaper on my phone in the past.

    Just one thing. I know why you do it, I know how you feel about it, I know it’s your thing, but…

    …profanity just grates and grates on my ‘reading nerves.’

  12. Ocean10:

    Inasmuch as one of the main characters has it as part of her family history that the first word out of her mouth was “fuck,” I should let you know now that there is a whole lot of profanity in this one.

  13. Liked it. Nice action, and the exposition did not bother me at all. Seconded the need for come fresh eyes copy editing; along with the names issue mentioned above, the ship’s name switched from italics to non-italics, as an example.


  14. Well, I already had the e-book pre-ordered at Amazon, (that may be how the 16 people knew about the book, Martha). Still…. signed Subterranean physical book… you betcha! Pre-ordered, right away, even though I will read the e-bok

  15. I just heard a spot for autio books on a sports talk station that had a short snippet from “The Dispatcher” by a guy named John Scalzi.

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