Miniatures Audiobook is Out

As most of you know, the print and ebook editions of Miniatures: The Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi came out on December 31 (here’s the Amazon link); now, today, the audio version of Miniatures is also available for your listening delight, available through Audible.

I just listened to it myself, and while I should be considered biased, for obvious reasons, here’s a couple of reasons why I think Audible did a very fine job with it:

a) They used multiple narrators, which is good because it changes up voices between stories and makes the “interview” stories — which are basically dialogues between two characters — a whole lot more enjoyable and easier to follow;

b) With the “interview” stories, they dispensed with the “Q & A” dialogue tags entirely, which makes the audio versions basically humorous radio skits. Which is exactly as they should have done, and means they’re pretty delightful to listen to.

So basically the audio version is less like a traditional audiobook and more like a comedy album with a really skilled company of actors. All of which makes me want to do this book with performers in front of an audience. Hmmmm. Maybe on the boat!

Also, it’s $7. Cheap! Get it and the eBook, which at $6, is also cheap! (But if you want the signed, limited edition, there are also a couple of those left through Subterranean Press.)

Really, I just continue to be thrilled with Miniatures. Subterranean Press did a terrific job with it, and now so has Audible. I literally could not be happier with how this collection has turned out.

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  1. Will it be available in an audiobook CD? I don’t use the kind of technology that would take advantage of the delivery systems listed. I do enjoy listening to audiobooks in my vehicle and find CDs to be the easiest way.

    I received the signed book already & thoroughly enjoyed it. Also – GREAT cover art!

  2. Molly,

    Not sure if it helps, but apparently it is possible to burn Audible books to CDs using iTunes (at least according to the Audible Help Center). I’ve never done it myself, though, so I have no idea how straightforward the process is.

    .. which are basically dialogues between to characters ….

    Shouldn’t that be “between two characters” ?

  4. I pre-orderd it and it showed up in my Audible! Can’t wait to listen. :)

  5. Oh, goodness me, having heard you read that one story from the book at MidAmeriCon II last summer, you absolutely should do a reading on the boat! Do please try to get that same ASL interpreter who assisted you at WorldCon, though – she took the entire experience to a whole other level, and it would be a complete hoot to see the full performance for the entire book.

    I should add that I won’t be on the boat myself (way too pricey for my blood) but the folks who will be deserve that experience.

    Oh, and my hardcover copy arrived at last today – my first day of working part-time from home while I recover from surgery, so I couldn’t even open it until I logged off for the day. Talk about torture…..!

  6. If you order the ebook through amazon, you get a discount on the audio book through Audible. I preordered the ebook and got the audio book for about $3.50.

  7. Ooh, this looks good. One question. Is the $7 price a US-only thing or a very limited period offer that I missed? Audible shows me a price of $14.95. I’m in India, by the way.

  8. Siddhartha:

    I believe that’s the standard list price and I expect that when it’s sold elsewhere it’ll be similarly priced (with allowances for various market realities).

  9. Loving all of these so far. Random question: in the Superbooker story, the use of “superbeing” instead of “superhero” felt strange. Was that done to avoid potential issues with the joint DC/Marvel trademark claim?

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