ConFusion 2017 in Photos

I got sick the last day of ConFusion and have thus spent yesterday and today in a state of minimal brain activity, but it turns out I had just enough brain power to curate and post a bunch of pictures I took at the convention. You’ll find the Flicker set of those photos here. The photos were mostly taken in the hotel bar, the signing session, and as part of Diana Rowland’s annual one-mile run/walk/crawl/etc (the photo above is the crew about to embark on said run). They’re pretty good photos of some really lovely people. Enjoy.

8 Comments on “ConFusion 2017 in Photos”

  1. I was surprised how many of these folks I recognized from twitter. Which tells me 1) I need to spend less time on twitter and 2) I follow a LOT of SF/F writers.

  2. Looks like a fun time! And you’ve got a great eye for taking portraits, too. :)

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