Kirkus Review of The Collapsing Empire

It’s here, it’s positive, and it’s at the Kirkus site. Here’s the link.

My favorite line is the last: “Scalzi continues to be almost insufferably good at his brand of fun but think-y sci-fi adventure.”

“Almost insufferably good.” I love this sooooooo much.

20 Comments on “Kirkus Review of The Collapsing Empire”

  1. Am I the only one who read the last line with Duffy duck’s voice? Anyone? Just me? Oh well.

  2. Tangential: Do you know yet who will be narrating the audiobook? (Apologies if you already addressed this; I may have missed it.)

  3. Only 57 days before I get to read it!

    Mal: As per Shiran (above), I think the narrator is going to be Daffy Duck.

  4. The pull quote reminds me of the fact that I go to the gym almost every day. I almost go Monday. I almost go Tuesday. I almost go Wednesday…. ;)

  5. I’m waiting for my signed copy to get here so I can review it myself… but.. Kirkus usually follows my tastes. ;-)

  6. Can’t wait to read it. Since easing your novella The God Engines, I’ve always wondered if you were a Warhammer 40k player. Now reading the description of “the Flow”, I thought I would ask.

  7. … almost insufferably good …”. Has the reviewer just watched your pillow fighting style?

  8. I’ll bet you do like the review, ending with “almost insufferably good”…!!!

    That’s almost as good as a review can get.

    Congrats. I like your stuff too.

  9. “just enough here that’s new” is a bit ungenerous but yes, a great exit line.

    Kirkus has its (very loud and often loudmouth) critics but I like it. When it comes to reviewers (and review sites) it’s important for readers that they are, in a way, predictable*. I’m generally in agreements with Kirkus’s verdicts, which means that I can take unseen gambles on books and almost never regret it.
    Which doesn’t mean Kirkus and I have great taste: simply that they jell.

    *This also works splendidly in the negative. There are reviewers I always disagree with, so their advice is also invariably useful to me.

  10. “Almost insufferably good.” I love this sooooooo much.

    If you do decide to get a coat of arms, I think this is a winner for the motto. “CAPAX TANTUM INTOLERANTIUS”. (“Capax” rather than “bonum”, I think, because it means good as in able or skilled rather than good as in morally worthy)

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