I Was Going To Post a Roundup of All the Nonsense of Trump’s First Week as President, But Then I Decided You’d Probably Like These Pet Pictures Better

First off, here’s Zeus, winking saucily. Oh, Zeus! You Lothario!

And here’s Daisy, appearing to be having a bit of an existential crisis, with luggage. She’s not really having an existential crisis, by the way. She just has Resting Existential Crisis Face.

There, I think this was a much better choice! For each of us and for the nation!

47 Comments on “I Was Going To Post a Roundup of All the Nonsense of Trump’s First Week as President, But Then I Decided You’d Probably Like These Pet Pictures Better”

  1. Also, you have family to enjoy time with and books to write and if you tried to summarize ALL the nonsense of the Septic Sphincter’s first week, you’d be writing until midnight next Wednesday.

    This is a MUCH better use of your time.

    Not to mention less stressful to enjoy.

  2. I guarantee you if that suitcase was on the floor in my house, there would be a cat atop it!

  3. Sorry to spoil the party, but I for one came over here today hoping you had written something trumpety…! Not that I mind cats. I have a cat. Not that I mind dogs either, for that matter, though I have never had a dog. (I did house-sit a barn in France a couple of weeks ago that including dog-, cat- and chicken-sitting among my duties.)

  4. It’s a relief, actually, as I can’t take it anymore. What a hell of a week. Soothing pet pictures, thanks! I also have to get work done and can’t spend every minute obsessing about whether my son will have healthcare next year, etc. Lots of etc. And the sun is shining in Seattle, so I think going outside and communing with nature will also be a better use of my time today.

  5. That picture of Zeus makes me want to pick up a cat and cuddle. I am deathly allergic to cats so that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. I’ll have to cuddle my big yellow dog instead.

  6. You should combine the two things, and post a picture of Donald Trump face-swapped with Daisy.

  7. .
    And here I thought I’d avoided this morning’s Facebook war over the recent claim that cats were smarter than dogs. And whether “orange” has an English rhyme…
    Quotes from Trump’s Inaugural Address
    . by Jonathan Vos Post…
    Best of times?
    cannon bangs
    wet hair, orange
    “American carnage”
    campaign’s completion
    “sad depletion”
    enemies’ bones
    “factories like tombstones”
    our long national nightmare being over
    is over
    10:32 a.m.
    20 January 2017

  8. Awwww…bigly preferable to the news round up. Each day brings a new outrage. I think they’re trying to wear us out.

  9. I truly love animals and enjoy these pet pictures. But I also would have enjoyed hearing your thoughts, wit, and most especially sarcasm, regarding the Trump Era to date. But I certainly can understand not wanting to think about that.

    Love Zeus’s smile.

  10. I’m happy to see the pet pictures, but I am a little curious about your take on Week One…

  11. mjfgates said:
    JANUARY 27, 2017 AT 1:55 PM

    You should combine the two things, and post a picture of Donald Trump face-swapped with Daisy.

    For best results the picture should be of Daisy’s opposite end.

  12. Yeah, thank you. I don’t think I can cope with any more of the Trumpocalypse. And that is without getting into the shenanigans of the UK’s govt. antics of which I am also burnt out on for this year already.

  13. @Tara — yup. Like, maybe if they cause outrage on many fronts at once we won’t know where to take a stand? Ah well, we still outnumber them…

  14. I will bow to your wisdom. The Trump Dumps are coming so fast you can’t get ahead of them. Get ready to celebrate the weekend instead.

  15. If only Trump would follow your lead and limit himself to posting pet pictures…

  16. @darrelle
    Why would John want to post the orange ones portrait
    That would kind of ruin the ethos of cats & dogs :P

  17. Therapybeasts – exactly what I needed. Thank you, sir, and thank Zeus and Daisy as well. Or give ’em head-scritches or treats or whatever.

    I am sure that you will have comments aplenty on the topic of the evil cheeto at some point in the near future, and I’ll appreciate them when they appear, but for me right now, therapybeasts are a much better choice.

  18. Great pics, love the Lothario. Trumps first week was dominated by EOs, I believe that is the same thing the Rep’s. wanted to run Obama out of office for eight years ago, citing how disgraceful it was, and yet not a peep from them so far.

  19. The vibe in the Imperial Capital is distinctly frenetic this week and may well be beyond the capacity of any “therapybeast” to moderate for the foreseeable future. Serenity now, people. Serenity now . . .

  20. Canucklehead,

    I can’t disagree. It would also have been a grievous insult to Daisy. But, creatively portraying Trump’s face among the cowlicks (and other prominent features) of a dog’s butt would be kinda funny.

  21. The Blorenge is a hill in Wales overlooking Abergavenny. It’s a beautiful place for a hike along long-abandoned mining tramways.

    It rhymes with orange.

  22. The rhyme for “orange” is “door hinge”.

    “Our President’s visage is orange,
    And still he’s dumber than a door hinge.”

  23. Spent the last three hours writing to politicians. Cat pictures are better. Though I enjoy your political writing.

  24. I find myself in need of some quality dog time. I do believe I’ll make the trip to visit my father this weekend; as his retriever, Fred, is always enormously happy to see anyone; even me.

  25. Go, Daisy. I have resting Chicken Little face myself, while my dog…words cannot even.

    I vaguely remember Eminem talking about rhyming orange. “Four inch”, I think.

  26. I always appreciate pet pictures, especially cats.

    Having said that, I also always enjoy the way you so articulately serve up rations of shit aimed at creepy old Donald Trump. Every day, I am astonished at the stuff he and his minions are trying to to us. So whenever you’re up for it, I am more than eager to read your thoughts.

  27. There are more kindness and in a way hope in your pets than in a way, some so-called leaders.

    Goodness and beauty during these time – maybe the hope for the better times.


  28. Thank you! This was much better. I am burnt out on politics, and yet still need to be aware of what’s going on.

    I’ve just seen my incredibly low bank balance. Sigh. Hoping to make it through until the end of next month.

    So seeing Zeus and Daisy was really, really nice. I think I’ll go spoil my cats and read after supper.

  29. Good call. I think the Trump administration may be outperforming it’s stated goal of saying or doing one outrageously stupid thing each day. Wait until they settle into the job. Meanwhile, awesome pet pics. They sit so still for you.

  30. darrelle
    Why insult the dog like that ?
    And you may be overrating the orange man to assume he looks as good as the dogs butt.
    I’m thinking one of the cow droppings in the fields might be more accurate.

  31. If there are no good news to post there are always good cats to view.
    Hail to Zeus, the cat emperor!

  32. Oh, dear Lord, yes. More cat pictures, please! Love Zeus’s winking game–he is a handsome little guy, isn’t he? Things like this make you remember that not everything is doom and gloom out in the wide world. Send a kiss to Zeus and Daisy from me!

  33. “Nonsense” like lefty protesters burning a limo that belongs to a n immigrant Muslim businessman? Or “nonsense” like people in the women’s march excluding pro-life women and attacking pro-Trump women while having a homophobe who killed a gay man speak and having a sharia-supporter with connections to the Muslim brotherhood organize their march? Yeah, that’s nonsense.

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