Announcing The Expanding Tour 2017! 24 Cities! Five Weeks!

It’s now officially announced: My tour dates for The Collapsing Empire! I’m calling this one The Expanding Tour 2017, and here are the venues (follow the links for times and details):

Tuesday, March 21
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Lexington, KY

Wednesday, March 22
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

Thursday, March 23
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

Friday, March 24
Fountain Books
Richmond, VA

Saturday, March 25
Parnassus Books
Nashville, TN

Sunday, March 26
Austin, TX

Monday, March 27
Houston, TX

Tuesday, March 28
Half Price Books
Dallas, TX

Wednesday, March 29
Volumes Bookcafe
Chicago, IL

Monday, April 3
Books & Co
Dayton, OH

Tuesday, April 4
Cuyahoga County Library
Parma, OH

Wednesday, April 5
Brookline Booksmith
Boston, MA

Thursday, April 6
Concord, NH

Friday, April 7
Odyssey Bookshop (with Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch)
South Hadley, MA

Saturday, April 8
A Room of One’s Own and the Wisconsin Book Festival, at the Madison Public Library
Madison, WI

Monday, April 17
Jean Cocteau Cinema
Santa Fe, NM

Tuesday, April 18
Boulder Bookstore
Boulder, CO

Wednesday, April 19
University Bookstore at University Temple United Methodist Church
Seattle, WA

Thursday, April 20
Mysterious Galaxy
San Diego, CA

Saturday, April 22-Sunday, April 23
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Los Angeles, CA

In addition I will be doing three dates with Cory Doctorow:

Tuesday, April 25
Vroman’s Bookstore
Pasadena, CA

Wednesday, April 26
Bookshop Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA

Thursday, April 27
Borderlands Books
San Francisco, CA

Friday, April 28-Sunday, April 30
Southfield, MI

So that’s 24 cities over five weeks. That’s a lot!

Now to answer some of the usual questions:

Why aren’t you coming to [Insert Town Here]?

Because as ever, I go where where we receive requests (by bookstores and libraries) and there are only so many places I can go while on tour. There are as usual new places — four new cities I’ve never visited before! — but as always we’re going to miss some places. There will be other tours; let your local bookstores know you want to see me.

Also, I will be doing a number of other events in other cities in 2017, so if your city isn’t here, I still may show up in it at some point (for example, I’ll be in NYC in early June). Stay tuned for more information on those appearances.

Are the events free to attend?

Most are but some aren’t. Some stores have ticketed events, which means you have to RSVP. Please RSVP in those cases. Some stores will also require you to purchase the book at the store if you want to get the book signed. And in at least one case, you’ll need to buy a ticket (good for admitting two) that includes a copy of the book.

In each case, click on the links above for details or (if details are not up on the site yet) call the store and ask.

May I bring other things to sign?

I’m fine with it but check with the store. That said, and I can’t stress this enough: If you’re coming to an event at a bookstore, please buy something at the store. Typically my book (especially if the purchase is required in order to get in the signing line), but honestly any book would do. Support your local bookstore, please!

May I give you a gift?

You may but understand that I will be unlikely to travel with it; I will probably ask the store to ship it to me. This is because I travel very light (it’s a long tour) and don’t have much space to carry things. If you bring me edible things (cookies, etc), I’ll likely snack on them back at the hotel room. Please do not poison me.

What will your event be like?

On tour events I will usually read something exclusive to the tour that no one else but people who see me on tour will hear (likely a selection from an upcoming work), and then a couple of shorter pieces, and then a question and answer session followed by a signing. My events are usually PG rated; there might be some adult themes and light swearing but nothing too out there.

If I bring a ukulele will you sing a song?

Yes, people bring ukes to my events, and yes, I will sing a song (or at least part of one) if someone brings one. BUT: Make sure it’s tuned! If the uke is out of tune I can’t use it; nothing stops an event like me trying to tune a uke for five minutes.

Hey, will you come and hang out with us after the event?

Probably not, but not because you’re not fabulous people. It’s because I usually have to get up at an ungodly hour the next morning for the next stop on my tour and/or because I already have a previous commitment with friends, whom I’ve already scheduled with. I promise you’ll get a full dose of me at the event.

I have another question you have not answered here.

Ask it in the comments!

70 Comments on “Announcing The Expanding Tour 2017! 24 Cities! Five Weeks!”

  1. Gonna do a tie-in event on the JoCo cruise? Can we buy copies on the cruise? Can I buy you a drink on the cruise?

  2. MichaelT:

    In fact the JoCo Cruise folks will likely be my test audience for the tour material. And yes, you can buy me a drink. I’ll take a Coke Zero.

  3. Holy cats, but that’s a lot of traveling in a bit over a month! I am glad to see a couple of several-day breaks built into the schedule, and I hope you’ll use them to rest, recover and enjoy family. Oh, and laundry – that would be good, too.

    On a selfish level, I am delighted to see that you’ll be appearing near enough to where I live – AND on a Saturday! – that I might actually be able to attend. Yay, and thanks!

  4. Sigh…No Florida this time. That’s OK I also hate it here in the spring and summer. Way too hot and muggy.

  5. You’re coming to Boston! I just called Brookline Booksmith and confirmed that we don’t need tickets, but we’re going to get 2 copies of the book there. (My brother is a huge fan and you’re not going to Philly on this round.)

    If you have time, and I know how these things go, I am cordially extending you the same invite I gave to Jenny Lawson when she was here. I work at two museums here in Boston. I would be happy to have you as my guest at either of them, or at any other museum/zoo/aquarium in greater Boston that tickles your fancy. Let me know if you’d like to get a selfie with an actual direwolf skeleton, I’ll hook you up.

  6. So what’s with the Cory Doctorow double billing? Not that he isn’t awesome, but as far as I know you haven’t collaborated lately, so I’m wondering.

    But anyway, I might be able to see the two of you in SF. Stress “might”, because around then I’ll likely be settling in after moving. (To Sacramento. Maybe you’ll get there someday…)

  7. Do you think Canada will be a possibility? I will speak to Drawn & Quarterly when I’m over there picking up my copy of Norse Mythology this week, if you’re willing to cross the border.

  8. FYI Quail Ridge moved from their old location (within walking distance ) and are now in a bigger location at North Hills Shopping Center a few miles away. They are still awesome though.

  9. So *on average*, between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, you’re going to be visiting my town. :-)

    My father will have a much shorter trip to see you in his town, though! Maybe he can conference me in. (Or maybe not.)

  10. As usual, I’ll see you on both the 22nd and 23rd.

    Stalker? Me? No!

    I might bring a uke. ;)

  11. I was hoping Poisoned Pen in AZ would be one of the Scalzi/Doctorow stops. Sounds like we will still get Cory, though. Hopefully there will be signed copies going to Poisoned Pen…

  12. Brookline Booksmith is actually in Brookline, not Boston. Don’t get lost.

    (There’s about a hundred and fifty years of history as to why, too … )

  13. As for the Scalzi-Doctorow jam – maybe you should read something from one of his works, and he should read from one of yours. Then both of you come out with all the band members and do Chuck Berry songs.

  14. Hmm. No Phoenix. Hmm. San Diego is a gas tank away and offers tootsies in the ocean as a bonus. Hmm. Must speak with spousal entity. Hmm.

  15. Crap, you’re coming to Boulder. After FtCo, I though I was safe for a book tour or two. Now I have to explain to my wife: Yes, I’m going to another Scalzi reading. No, I don’t usually go see authors, but he’s kinda my main dude. No, I’m not having an affair. Yes, I know you didn’t mean “with Scalzi”. No, I’m not having an affair with Scalzi, either.

  16. Writers must not like Indiana, they never come here. Is it because we set Pence upon the US? What I so happily lost as a Governor I got back as VP. UGH!!!

  17. Ooo, four new cities.
    So that will be four new views of a parking building from the hotel room?

  18. S. Hadley Massachusetts is close! Awesome! If I bring my own pen can I get a book autographed?

  19. I’ll have to call the Nashville store tomorrow and get details as they don’t have you on their calendar yet. I’m highly excited!

  20. It is indeed Brazos Bookstore in Houston rather than Brazo’s, and it looks like they retaliated by misspelling “collapsing” on the announcement on their website.

  21. “Because as ever, I go where where we receive requests (by bookstores and libraries) and there are only so many places I can go while on tour.”

    But if you come see your fans here in Vegas, after the signing you can bring a prostitute back to your hotel room… Only to come out of the bathroom to find your cash, watch, and anything else valuable gone. You could be a victim of grand larceny *and* blue balls; you’re missing out!

  22. Going to have to meet you in madison and give you some proper cheese that we don’t share with foreigners unless the are awesome

  23. If you have time, go to Pasadena Sandwich Company. If you don’t, can I bring you a sandwich?

  24. Odessey Bookstore – I have so many awesome memories of that place. Wish I could be there ans make another one.

  25. Just as I was about to say “No love for New York?” I caught the addendum, so I will go back to lurking now.

    Anyone know where I can get a ukelele, cheap?

    No reason.

  26. WWAAAAAHHHHHHH! No Michigan dates. :( You can’t swing Detroit? Can I talk to our local Shuler Books and see if they can call your people? Any luck? I mean, you could swing UP on your way to Chi-Town, right? :D

  27. Darn it, if I was still living near Raleigh I would totally have gone to Quail Ridge to see you for a third time. I’m guessing your chances of hitting up Gothenburg, Sweden in the foreseeable future are pretty much zero. There’s a really spiffy sci-fi shop in the Kungsgatan district though if you’re ever inclined to do a European tour.

  28. I signed up for Parma, OH. I missed you last time you were in the Cleveland area, so I am glad I didn’t miss it this time!

  29. I noticed that all your venues are independent local bookstores and not chains (BAM, B&N type stores). Good for you for supporting local indies, but does your publisher intentionally set it up this way? I find it hard to believe that a BAM or B&N wouldn’t jump at the chance to have you do an event at their store(s) (But then again, maybe not. My local B&N had a national author show up for a book signing and the lines/crowd pretty much took over the store that evening. Don’t know if the event actually cost them money because others who normally would have bought something showed up, saw the crowd, and decided to spend their money elsewhere that evening.)

  30. “Do you think Canada will be a possibility? I will speak to Drawn & Quarterly when I’m over there picking up my copy of Norse Mythology this week, if you’re willing to cross the border.” – Elvi

    Totally! And if D&Q want to know if there are other people interested, I’ll show up with at least 3 other people for sure.

    Have you ever been to Montreal, John?

  31. Michael Burstein:


    FL Transplant:

    We’re doing stuff with B&N (namely, providing them with a bunch of pre-signed copies of the book) so they’re pretty happy with me right now.

  32. Per Ginger Nalley at Parnassus Books in Nashville, “He will be here on March 25 at 2:00 pm We are still working on our March event listings.”

  33. See you at Vroman’s. Re “Please don’t poison me…” Well, I guess that means I shouldn’t try to bake anything. That’s a long trip without your scamperbeasts. If you are dying for some travel fur, let me know – I have a few spares.

  34. Looking forward to seeing you again in Austin. Save room for some barbecue. There’s a great one in a trailer on Cesar Chavez that’s open weekends, called “La Barbecue.” Every bit as good – may even better – than the one with the lines and national publicity.

  35. FL Transplant, above: “Don’t know if the event actually cost them money because others who normally would have bought something showed up, saw the crowd, and decided to spend their money elsewhere that evening.”

    I used to be part of the events team at a large independent bookstore that was about the scale of a typical B&N. Signings that fill the store are wonderful for business. Anne Rice bringing in a thousand people? Yes, please. Carl Sagan, Jimmy Carter, Ginger Rogers? Yes, yes, yes!

    Obviously I can’t speak to that particular store, but in general (i.e., maybe not the weekend before Christmas) a big event is a large net plus for the store hosting the event.

  36. Boston venue doesn’t have its April schedule on their website yet, but I’ll be checking it frequently. Listening to authors read their own work is a fantastic experience. That said, I’m glad John doesn’t do his own audiobooks so he can keep up with entertaining us with his books, blog and tweets.

  37. If you have a chance GO. I saw him in Milwaukee on the Redshirts tour and it really is worth making time to go. (Even if he bizarrely believes he can vanquish Iron Age Hittites with his measly bronze working skills).

  38. Happy to see you’re returning to Seattle again. OTOH I got so much out of your day at the Tacoma Library that I may just skip this appearance because I know you’ll be back.

  39. Trying to remember how many times I’ve seen Scalzi in Seattle … Lock In, The Human Division, Little Fuzzy, the God Engines, The End of All Things, I think that’s all. Wow, that’s a lot. I’ll have to check my bookshelf to be sure. And now more!