Announcing the 2017 Audie Award Finalists in the Fantasy Category

Hey! I get to tell you which works, authors and narrators are finalists for the 2017 Audie Award in the category of Fantasy. The Audies are the highest award in the audio book industry, so being a finalist for one of its categories is a very fine honor indeed.

This year, the finalists for the Fantasy category are:

That’s a very excellent slate of finalists! The winner of the category will be announced on June 1. Congratulations to each of them, authors and narrators both!

9 Comments on “Announcing the 2017 Audie Award Finalists in the Fantasy Category”

  1. dellEnthusiast:

    Meaning I am the person who was asked to announce the category to the world.

    Most of my writing is not considered fantasy, so it’s not unusual that I’m not on the finalist list. Also, it would not be appropriate, I think, for me to announce a category I was a finalist in.

  2. ::Pouting:: and a little ticked.

    I’m a little … irked that all of the readers are male. But I guess since last year’s finalist were almost entirely female…

    (Found last year’s big winner “Girl on the Train” really annoying; both in the reading and the story.)

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