“The Dispatcher” a Finalist for Two Audies + Locus Award Voting + Nebula and Hugo Award Voting + Print Preorder Info

So, this is a good day for me: The Dispatcher, my novella that was released as an audiobook from Audible, is a finalist for two(!) Audie Awards, first in the category of Science Fiction, and second in the category of Original Work (meaning, first published in audio form). I’m thrilled about both, and it’s lovely to see the story, and the narration by Zachary Quinto, so honored. We’ll find out if it wins either or both categories on June 1st. It’s in very good company in both categories. Congratulations to all the other authors and narrators!

Also! The annual Locus Poll & Survey is up, open to everyone who chooses to vote, and The Dispatcher is one of the works you may vote for in the novella category (actually, you can vote for any speculative fiction novella published in 2016, but The Dispatcher, because it was part of the Locus’ Recommended Reading List, is preloaded into the category as an option). If you listened to The Dispatcher and are inclined to vote for it, then please do. If you see other novellas there you liked, vote for them, too (or add the title of a novella you liked). And also vote in the other categories as well, as there are several, all with very good works to consider.

Also! Also! If you are voting for the Hugos or the Nebulas, The Dispatcher is eligible this year in the novella categories of each. For the record, I knew that it was eligible for the Hugo, because a couple of years ago they clarified that audio publication counts toward consideration. But I wasn’t sure whether the same could be said for the Nebulas, so I asked. The official response from the Nebula Awards Committee: Yup!

So Nebula award nominators: If you liked The Dispatcher, please consider it in the novella category. Thank you.

(And obviously in all cases if you didn’t like it, don’t nominate it. Because that would be silly.)

Also! Also! Also! Remember that if you prefer your stories in text form, the print version of The Dispatcher is now available for preorder from Subterranean Books and from online and offline retailers, with cover and interior art from the fantastic Vincent Chong. The book will be available May 31, 2017, including in ebook.

And that’s all the news I have about The Dispatcher today.

OR IS IT?!???!??!??!???!!!!?!?!??

(Spoiler: It is.)

8 Comments on ““The Dispatcher” a Finalist for Two Audies + Locus Award Voting + Nebula and Hugo Award Voting + Print Preorder Info”

  1. The audiobook version of the force awakens was surprisingly good!

    (Not as good as The Dispatcher, obvs)

  2. I really lioved ‘The Dispatcher’; congratulations to you and Zachary Quinto.

    It was the first audio that I’d ever listened to, and thus had a heavy burden of expectation; did I mention that I really loved it?

  3. Congratulations on the nominations! That’s awesome! I so loved this book. I hope to listen to it again this summer. :)

  4. Congratulations – I look forward to consuming the book in some form or another.

    I readily admit that I am not deeply familiar with the rules and nomination specifics but nonetheless, I was surprised to see that two of the nominations are books read by persons who have been dead since 2014. ‘Twould seem I have some researching to do.

  5. Congratulations! The Dispatcher is certainly worthy of this attention.It was a wonderful listen! i have listened to other works, and I have to say that Zachary Quito’s performance was really a step (or more) above! I wasn’t listening to him reading me a book. I was listening to Tony Valdez telling me his story.

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