Today’s New Books and ARCs, 2/10/17

As we move into the weekend, here’s another stack of fine books and ARCs that have recently come into the Scalzi Compound. Which of these titles moves you? Tell us all in the comments!

29 Comments on “Today’s New Books and ARCs, 2/10/17”

  1. The Robin Hobb trilogy is one of my all-time favorite fantasy works. New editions, I take it?

  2. Can’t wait to get my hands on “A Conjuring of Light”. What a great series so far.

  3. I bought the Robin Hobb books from B&N in an ebook omnibus edition over 2 years ago. Guess I should read them. Also in my “to read” list are the first 2 books in V. E. Hobbs trilogy. So many books, so little time…

  4. I’ve heard good things about Lansdale, really should give him a try some day.
    The Hobb trilogy is good, less OMG the horrible angst than her later stuff (which is still good but it gets kinda old after a bit)

  5. The Robin Hobbs for sure! I finished Assassin’s Apprentice last month and I plan on reading the rest of the trilogy this year. Also, the Schwab.

  6. I am totally coveting The Reluctant Queen. I just finished the first book in that series, and I really enjoyed it.

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