One Day eBook Sale: Old Man’s War series + Redshirts, Lock In and Fuzzy Nation, $2.99 Each

Hey, if you live in the United States or Canada and like your books in electronic form, then for today only (February 11, 2017), a whole bunch of my ebooks are on sale for $2.99 each. Which books?

Old Man’s War
The Ghost Brigades
The Last Colony
Zoe’s Tale
The Human Division
The End of All Things
(So, really, the entire Old Man’s War series of novels. Plus:)
Fuzzy Nation
Lock In

Which is a very large number of my books you can get really cheaply, today.

Where can you get this price? Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iBooks and Kobo. Basically, pick your favorite online retailer.

(Canada, I only checked Amazon for you. It’s also $2.99, Canadian.)

So, a fine day to add to your collection of Scalzi eBooks! Enjoy! And also hurry, this deal is only for today.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Thanks. This gave me an opportunity not only to get the kindle to go along with the audible versions for Redshirts and OMW, but also the cheaper price for the consolidated audible version of Human Division, where I previously only had the 13 separate chapters as individual items (which was rather annoying to download and listen to on the go).

Just bought them all, except for the first Old Man’s War, which I already had the Kindle version of. I probably have most in hardcover or paperback already, but if I can get the ebook version cheap, why not?

I also bought the Louis L’Amour ebooks that Amazon also has on sale today, since I’ve found I like western movies and I’ve heard L’Amour is pretty good. Time to find out!

Clearly this is just Tor trying to clear out all of Scalzi’s unsold ebooks. They obviously printed up too many electrons (badly overestimating the market for SJW SF) and now they are just trying to hide their shame behind a ‘sale’. Sad!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get my fedora cleaned.

Got the Old Man’s War series, Fuzzy Nation (already have Wil Wheaton’s fabulous reading of that) and tossed in Judge Sn Goes Golfing just because I adored him in Adroid’s Dream.
I’m going to get absolutely nothing done the rest of the weekend

I got all excited and then discovered I already have all of these in ebook form. My recompense will be picking up a ‘real book’ edition of ‘Collapsing Empire’ when you’re in Nashville next month.

Something I’ve always wondered about these 2.99 (and sometimes less) sales. How does a sale like this impact your royalties? Are royalties based on a percentage of retail or wholesale or actual selling price or what? I know you probably make it up in volume, but do you have to agree to deals like this?

Had a colleague in business once who said he wouldn’t mind losing money on every sale so long as he could make it up in volume.

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