The Collapsing Empire Review in Booklist + Chapters One and Two (and Soon Three) On Tor.Com

So! Here’s what’s news in the land of The Collapsing Empire:

1. A review of the book is up from Booklist, and it’s pretty great. Here’s the bit I especially like: “Fans of Game of Thrones and Dune will enjoy this bawdy, brutal, and brilliant political adventure”. It also praises my “well-known wit, whimsy, and ear for dialogue that is profane and laugh-out-loud funny.” I will accept both of those statements!

2. But don’t just take Booklist’s word for it., having previously published the prologue to The Collapsing Empire, has also published the first two chapters of the book: Here’s Chapter One, and here’s Chapter Two. Chapter Three will be up tomorrow. Happy reading!

3. The Collapsing Empire book tour is already pretty extensive — 22 dates over five weeks — but it may soon be getting even more extensiver! (Note: “extensiver” is not a real word.) We’re currently negotiating adding at least one more date to the tour. When/if it gets locked in I will let you all know. It should be soon now.

4. Uuuuuuhhhh, that’s it for now.



22 Comments on “The Collapsing Empire Review in Booklist + Chapters One and Two (and Soon Three) On Tor.Com”

  1. I’ll pass on the early chapters. I’m going to wait for my shiny hardcover copy to arrive.

  2. Got my copy of _The Collapsing Empire_ pre-ordered at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh so it will be waiting for me when you make your appearance. Always look forward to your NC visits. Gives me an excuse to take a day off work, drive down the mountain from Boone, and spend some time in the “Big City”. :)

  3. I read the prologue to wet my whistle, but I’m skipping the early chapters as I will just be annoyed that there isn’t more.

    Also: looks like the closest tour date to me is Parma, OH. Still a 5.5 hour drive from Toronto though. Hrmm.

  4. Is this another contender for the all important “Amazon Space Fleet science fiction” crown?

  5. As I said on Facebook – “No Portland (or even better, Bend, Oregon) stop?!? WHY SCALZI, WWWWHHHHHYYYYYY?????!!!!” *falls to knees, shakes fists at the sky*

  6. I’m planning to pay extra for John to read me a chapter every night on the JoCo Cruise, gently lulling me to sleep with his dulcet voice. Because who can wait for BookPeople?

  7. The Prologue (all I’ve read so far) is very entertaining. The comments on the prologue were also entertaining.

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