View From a Hotel Window, 2/16/17: New York

Not here on business — well, that’s not entirely true, I’m doing a little bit of business while I’m here. But I’m mostly here for a Valentine’s weekend with Krissy, where the plan is to camp out in a hotel room, order lots of room service, and maybe see the play that’s going on across the street. Some play called “Hamilton”? About some old historical dude? Rumor is it could use some people coming to see it, so we thought, what the heck, why not support the arts. We’re good that way. Anyway, if I’m scarce around here the next few days, that’s why. Hope you’ll find ways to entertain yourselves nevertheless.

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  1. Hope you have your tix already. Last time I tried to get a couple they were sold out 6 months in advance unless we wanted to pay four figure scalper prices.

  2. We saw it last week; one of the better ways to blow that much $$ on an indulgence, honestly. plus the look on our boys’ faces when the surprise was revealed was fabulous. Nice hotel placement! Enjoy.

  3. Excited to hear what songs they wrote to encapsulate Peter F. Hamilton’s career. Such a play would have to be epic long. We might never see you again. Upside, it will probably have sex in it. Enjoy!

  4. Just avoid the scientology church that’s right around the corner from there, and you’ll be okay…!

  5. Ooh, when you get back please please please tell us your favorite song!

    My friends and I were listening to the soundtrack and after King George’s song (“You’ll Be Back”) we agreed it was a classic “abusive boyfriend” song. But somehow funny in it’s over-the-top-ness.

  6. Stayed at the Paramount once. Pretty nice. Aaaaaalllllllllllllllmost went into the Church of Scientology, but thought better of it. :)

  7. Wifie & I were in that same hotel a couple years back. The rooms were cramped but comfortable. Our view was a couple floors up but it was the perfect spot, near TImes Square and only a couple of blocks from 9th Ave which seemed to have street after street of the best little restaurants we have ever eaten at. Enjoy!

  8. JustaTech, Miranda said he wrote that as a breakup song. It’s my favorite!

    John and Krissy, enjoy! (Looks like you are from the Twitter photos.) Hope the weather is nice to you while you’re there.

  9. Just tonight a (FaceBook) friend of mine posted a photo of the empty stage, with the status: “I’m in the room where it happened.” I was very jealous.

    I haven’t seen it yet, and I’ll probably have to wait and see it on tour. Trips to NYC are less manageable with three one-year-olds and a four-year-old than they were when I had more free time. Ironically, I’m now “retired”.

    I’ve heard the cast album and watched nearly every clip I can find on YouTube, and I think Alan Swann is right. It’s overrated. Extremely overrated. Probably the most overrated thing on Broadway in years.

    And by overrated, I mean a lot of people seem to like it a lot, including me.

  10. Nice. But I always worry that visitors to New York get a (partially) distorted view of the city by the ridiculous prices (hotels, in particular) in Midtown, not to mention the filthy streets. Next time come to the Borough of Churches. (Anyway, I’m in Florida at the moment so …)

    For a minute there I thought you were about to reenact a great scene from BIRDMAN,

  11. Envy you the chance to see Hamilton! I’m hoping it eventually gets recorded to DVD, as chances are I’ll never get to see it otherwise..l

  12. John,

    You mentioned a long time ago that you didn’t want to listen to the musical before you saw it. Did you end up listening to the album, or have you managed to go this long without hearing what you’re about to see?

  13. Oh, I do hope you listened to it first. I had plans to hold out and was really glad I didn’t. It’s SO MUCH to take in visually (especially during the Revolutionary War numbers) that I think I would’ve missed a lot more had I been trying to keep up with the music, too. As it was, I walked out desperately wondering how I could see it again to catch all the parts I missed.

  14. I finally figured out how to transfer photos from my phone to my facebook page and was able to post the picture from my hotel window last summer. You’re inspiring us daily.

  15. My turn to know exactly where you are based on the picture you posted. Enjoy Hamilton – it’s impossible to “overrate” that show. We’re taking the kids in August (first tickets we could get after deciding in November to buy tix!)

    And just for KiwiSteve – the roof of the building just to the right of the picture is, I believe, a parking lot. ;-)

  16. I swear there is a woman peering out a window in the building next to the theater – second floor from top, second window from right. (Gladys Kravitz?) Enlarge the image to get a better look. Oh, and enjoy the show! Wish I’d seen it with the entire original cast.

  17. I’m sooo jealous that you’re seeing Hamilton! Down here in Texas, both the Houston and Dallas halls are requiring purchasing season tickets to the 2017-2018 shows just to GET THE CHANCE to buy Hamilton tickets when the tour comes here in 2018-2019. Crazy.

  18. I read this post and right out of my mouth out loud popped, “He’s going to see HAMILTON. I HATE him.”
    (But we know I mean ‘hate’ in the sense of ‘loving envy’, right?)

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