Leaving New York

Dear New York: You gave us a delightful weekend, and we loved visiting you, but now I’m afraid we must depart and return to our Ohio environs. Thank you for having us. We’ll be back again, you can be sure.

(Also, for all of you who want a Hamilton review from me, I’ll be posting one probably tomorrow or Tuesday. Tune in then!)

6 Comments on “Leaving New York”

  1. Hi John,

    You mean we didn’t drain your soul, your wallet, and your will to live? You weren’t mugged, panhandled, or pick-pocketed? That means it’s true! My beloved New York City has really gone soft! We let an easy mark, I mean “an honored visitor,” leave town in full possession of his belongings and sense of dignity. WHAT IS THIS CITY COMING TO? Look, on behalf of all REAL New York City residents, I demand that you come back and give true New Yorkers (not New Yorkers in Name Only [NYNOs] who stick to the city’s well-policed tourist attractions) another shot at getting it right! Next time you will come to NYC, walk through dark and deserted Crotona Park in the Bronx at 2:00 AM while clearly holding a “New York City Tourism Guide” in your hands and with wads of cash visible, and meet real New York City residents!

    Seriously, I am glad you enjoyed yourself here in Gotham. Please spread the word and encourage more tourism. Let the visitors come! REAL New Yorkers will be waiting…

    Twistedly yours,
    Keith V.

  2. Please tell us you were a guest on NPR’s “Ask Me Another”. I would love to hear that interview.

  3. Went to New York City a couple summers ago. First time in my life and I LOVED it. Love the people and the place. Great city.

  4. Was in midtown this weekend, and actually realized while eating a slice that I was right outside your hotel. Small world.

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