The Expanding Tour is Expanding: Santa Fe, NM and Southfield, MI

My tour for The Collapsing Empire is already pretty long, taking place as it does over five weeks — and now it’s about to get longer! Because I’m showing up at two new places:

Monday, April 17
Jean Cocteau Cinema
Santa Fe, NM


Friday, April 28-Sunday, April 30
Southfield, MI

The Santa Fe stop is very definitely a formal stop for the tour and will include me having a chat with George RR Martin, of whom you may have heard. The Southfield stop at this point is far less formal; depending on whether there is space for me on programming, it may just end up being me hanging out in the lobby bar and signing books for people who wander by. Nevertheless, I will be there (and happy to sign books). So if you were planning to attend Penguicon already: Hey, bonus! If you weren’t already planning to attend Penguicon, well, maybe you should (P.S.: Cory Doctorow, with whom I will have shared the last few dates of my tour, is a Penguicon Guest of Honor this year, so there’s that too).

Beyond that, we’re in the process firming up additional dates via other conventions, book fairs and book festivals. I’ll let you know when those dates are confirmed and public knowledge.

Here’s the official tour page with all the current dates. Hope to see you out there!

14 Comments on “The Expanding Tour is Expanding: Santa Fe, NM and Southfield, MI”

  1. Totally looking forward to seeing you in my home town, Scalzi!

    I’ll be the one doing the embarrassing “woo-HOOOO!!”s during the introductory applause.

    If you’ve never been to the Cocteau, you’re in for a treat. Order the popcorn. You’ll be glad you did.

  2. As long as you’re there, please share with Mr. Martin your tips on finishing a book in a year or so.

  3. At the Jean Cocteau in Santa Fe! Wonderful! I am planning to hunt you up in Boston where luck has it I will be at a conference when you are there, but now I will just have to see you twice! I’m in Albuquerque so Santa Fe is nearly my backyard. So exciting!

  4. John, your timing sucks. If you’d picked Tuesday for Santa Fe, I’d have been able to make it. Story of my life. $HERSELF and a friend may take the train up, though — April in Santa Fe is great and it’s been a while.

    Regardless, make sure to grab a meal at the Plaza Cafe. They’ve been doing business in the same spot for more than a century and have always had genuinely excellent Northern New Mexico cuisine. $HERSELF swears by the huevos divorciados; I have never had a bad bite there. Not to mention good coffee and awesome Mexican-style cocoa. Save room for sopapillas.

  5. Pangolin,

    I’ve had the same thought but then again, Mr. Martin has between 300 – 420k+ words per tome vs. the 100k or so in each of OGH’s works so I’m amazed Mr. Martin does as well as he does. Perhaps he we could get him to consider a change to an episodic release style, whatever that’s called in the biz.

  6. Let’s not have this thread become a gripe session about how fast George writes, please. One, he writes as quickly as I do, he just puts it all into a fewer number of books. Two, just don’t. It bores me.

  7. I looked at the Jean Cocteau website – you are not yet on the schedule. I am sure this is an oversight… I am just wondering what the times and tickets will be.

    You should make time to see the chapel with the wooden spiral staircase and the nearby Catholic church. What is really interesting are the stories behind them – they could only happen in New Mexico. (Hint: the church involves a card shark priest and a canonical Jewish banker. Look above the door into the church.)

    Pro tip: New Mexico cuisine is *not* Mexican or Tex-Mex. Saying so will start a bar fight. You will be asked “Red or Green”, meaning which chile you want. The reply “Christmas” means both. You also want sopapillas – you bite a corner and pour in honey via the bottle on the table. (Make GRRM feel bad if he takes you to a place *without* honey bottles on the table – he would assume you are a gringo.)

  8. When in Santa Fe, everyone should go see Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return. George bought the building for it because his community spirit is effing awesome! But the 20,000 square foot installation created by the Meow Wolf’s over 130 artists should win a special Hugo for SciFi art installation. Don’t forget to look in the Fridge.

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