March/April Big Idea Housekeeping Notes

Which are:

March Big Idea slots have been filled. If you asked for a March Big Idea slot and have not heard from me, sorry, full up.

April Big Idea slots will be filled probably in the week of March 12. If you’re waiting on a response for an April Big Idea slot, don’t panic! Wait a couple of weeks. Thanks.

4 Comments on “March/April Big Idea Housekeeping Notes”

  1. I haven’t requested a Big Idea slot, but I’m kinda freaked out due to a phone interview coming up in about an hour. Is it okay to panic, or should I wait a couple of weeks?

  2. Dude, do panic. And do be done with the panic at least a half hour before the boring talking with somebody on the phone. It’s just talking on the phone. You’ve done that and can do it again. You’ll do fine.

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