New Books and ARCs

I’ve got a super-sized stack of new books and ARCs for today, because apparently March is like that. There’s some fabulous stuff in here — what grabs you? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Johne Cook – Wisconsin, USA – Technical writer by day, creative writer and editor by night, I like prog rock, film noir, space opera, and the Green Bay Packers.
    Johne Cook

    I spy something new from LMB!

  2. Hope Griffin Diaz – North Carolina – So, to borrow from a popular shirt, I love Jesus but I cuss a little. Well, a lot. In fact, I just don't believe Jesus really gives a shit about the word 🤬 I am married to the love of my life, Louie (aka Luis) and have an adult child, Christy. Reading transports me to places that are inaccessible to me right now. Whether those places address in space or in areas I'm unable to travel, I am grateful for books and authors who keep my mind occupied. I fancy myself an amateur gardener, I am owned by a large black purr machine maine coon cat named Samwise aka #SamSam and a Border Collie/Australian Cattle dog mix named Daisy. I knit. I craft. I sew. These are at my leisure and are hobbies. I don't take commissions nor do I do alterations. I'm an aspiring human being. I battle several mental illnesses including depression, major panic disorder, agoraphobia, germaphobia, claustrophobia, and some other assorted illnesses. I also have fibromyalgia and have had numerous traumatic brain injuries (into the double digits now). I am not able to drive at night.
    Jada Diaz

    I’m going to say it and not be ashamed. None of these books speak to me.

  3. Huh. Given his recent managerial record, Ruud Gullit is just about the last guy I would ask for soccer-watching advice.

  4. The Penric novellas are great; I’ve been getting them in ebook form. I’m not sure if that is a collected edition or just one of them done up fancy. Anyone know?

  5. I played Headspace with Mark Richardson at GenCon last year. We didn’t get much past character creation (which is an involved process), but it was staggeringly fun.

  6. On Penric: I bought the small-press, signed limited edition book of the second novella – this looks to be the same one.

  7. “The Night Ocean” looks like it could be pretty interesting.

  8. I think that’s the Subterranean Press print of Penric and the Shaman.
    Those of you who haven’t heard, the 4th Penric novella, Mira’s Last Dance, is out as of a couple of days ago at the usual ebook locations.
    Lois said on Goodreads recently that there are no plans yet for a collected Penric volume.

  9. What’s the process by which you read them (if you do at all)?

    Top to bottom? Sortition? Authors with attractive headshots only?

  10. Cover for Prey of God’s by Nicky Drayden is gorgeously enticing.

    Something is lacking in me for Bujold; simply can’t click. Any suggestions for good starting points?

  11. Susan Honthumb – I am a writer, a teacher, a student, an athlete, a reader, a lover of animals. Some say I am a dog whisperer. I am curious and inquisitive. Some say that I ask too many questions. I don't believe them. My hope is that because my interests are all over the map, what I write will interest a lot of different people. I am fascinated with people and think that everyone has a story to tell, and I want to know their stories. I often get into trouble with Facebook because I ask people who I judge to be interesting for friendships. I love having a thousand Facebook Friends. I don't believe we can have too many connections. It's like having the biggest box of crayons. I forgot how much I used to love crayons. That's it for about me.
    Susan Honthumb

    I am intrigued about Dream Eater. I couldn’t find it in my library nor could I find it in in the Kindle store.

  12. Penric and the Shaman arrived yesterday from Subterranean.
    This has forced me to finally get around to listening to Penric’s Demon (which isn’t in that old fashioned paper format).
    And there are two more you say?

  13. John, at least on my desktop Windows 7 computer, links are not showing up as links again (even though they work), i.e. no underline or different color. My post just above this as case in point.

  14. stillmorewords – Small-town girl, living in a big city. Former Coastie, married with 2 kids. Inveterate reader of all genres, though non-fiction and YA currently rule. Former indie bookstore employee, small business owner, tea drinker.
    Beth C.

    Phantom Pains! I *loved* Borderline, and am very anxiously awaiting this sequel. Also, really (surprisingly) enjoyed Blood Rose Rebellion.

  15. Never having heard of the author, my thought was, “Is that a cutesy novel title, or is it actually about how to watch soccer?” [checks] Huh, it’s the latter. I could use such a book, having always found soccer a tediously random game even when I was playing it in school.

  16. As always you can never go wrong with Bujold. Penric and the Shaman is the second of now four stories centered on a new character and set in the Chalion universe with its Five Gods. The first is Penric’s Demon, then Penric and the Shaman, then Penric’s Mission and Mira’s Last Dance just went on sale this week. The series are shorter works sold initially in e-format with SubPress doing special edition hardcovers some time later.

  17. I would commit minor-to-moderate murder for Phantom Pains or Radiate. Also for a collected edition of the Penric novellas…

  18. I saw the title, “The Bones of the Earth,” and immediately went to a combination of Pillars of the Earth and Interred with their Bones, both of which I greatly enjoyed. Looks like that first impression is way off, though!

  19. _Headspace_ was one of the best new RPGs of last year! It’s super exciting to see it here. :)

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