The JoCo Cruise 2017 Final Concert Photoset

How I spent my first post-JoCo Cruise Sunday afternoon: One, weaving slightly, because I still do not have my land legs back, and two, going through the roughly one thousand photos I took of the JoCo Cruise 2017 final concert to bring you all a curated selection of highlights and portraits of the performers as they did their thing. If you were there, you can relive the moment. If you weren’t there, well, I think it’s an argument for why you should consider going on the JoCo Cruise next year.

Here’s the link to the Flickr album. Enjoy!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

8 replies on “The JoCo Cruise 2017 Final Concert Photoset”

Looks like a fine old time was had by all, and I’m glad to see it. I won’t ever go on a trip like that; even if I had that level of income, just the thought of spending a week on a boat cooped up with several thousand people and no way to escape gives me the heebie-jeebies. But I am glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate the way you share your enjoyment with us here.

Good luck regaining your landlegs, and I hope the Scamperbeasts didn’t poop in your sock drawer while you were gone!

Aimee Mann! And, also, AIMEE MANN! I did not know. In fairness, I did not know about any of this until far too late. I will pay better attention in future.

Hi John, welcome back to reality!

Wish you would tell us who these folks are. As a hillbilly, I have no real opportunity to get to know famous authors by their appearance, other than you, of course. So some names of central characters in a few of the photos would be a real learning experience.

Also, looks like a great party all the way through.

Best wishes for your release coming up, I’m sure it will be a blast of success!!


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