View From a Hotel Window 3/21/17: Lexington!

And it’s not of a parking lot! I take that as a good sign.

Tonight I’m in Lexington, Kentucky, one of my favorite places, at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, which is one of my favorite stores. The event starts at 7pm and this audience gets to be to guinea pig, because I’m reading everything here for the first time ever (uh, except one thing, which I’ve only read once before). If you’re near Lexington, come on by.

Tomorrow: Raleigh, North Carolina! Thursday: Chapel Hill! Yes, a North Carolina twofer. See you soon!

16 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 3/21/17: Lexington!”

  1. I love Lexington Green! JB is a great place for a reading/signing. Grew up there and have told my dad to come by tonight.
    I’m actually in Durham so was excited to see you while you’re here, but have been on call the last 3 weeks and my wife would kill me if I didn’t spend time with her and the one-year-old!
    Hope the tour goes great, I look forward to picking up a signed copy from Raleigh or chapel hill soon (and my preordered copy should be here today!)

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth: – no view of a parking lot.
    Are Tor paying for the better rooms now that you’re a multi mega bestselling author?
    Next year – Down-under?

  3. That’s one huge ass pool! (Kidding – obviously it’s a lake or pond.) Have fun!

  4. “But if you hear banjos, keep paddling.”

    Bah. It’s Lexington. Think of is as the Austin of Kentucky.

  5. Hey this is cool! That Hilton (which I’ve stayed at once) has Google street view of the restaurant/atrium! (admittedly, it doesn’t take much to amuse me)

    Have fun at the signing. Wish you were doing J/B in Cincinnati this time, but that one’s actually a lot nicer.

  6. Have a good time on your tour! Going to start reading the new book tonight – got the ebook when i woke up this morning. Are you going to be at Book Expo this year or ALA Chicago in June? If so I will look you up.

  7. Bummed I’ll miss you in the Raleigh area, unless I pass you in the airport. I hope you have a great tour!

  8. I just found your site!! And I couldn’t comment anywhere else, so I’m just commenting here :b
    Your “On Teens, and the Fact Their Writing Sucks” post was… well, awesome and hilarious. As well as written about ten years ago, but you know…. just thought I’d voice my appreciation for it, as well as the post with 10 things teen writers should know. I’m a teenager, and I agree with you that 99.999999% of our writing sucks, and about 98.99% of us refuse to believe it. Of course, I would stick myself more in the category of Teens Who Think Their Writing Doesn’t Completely Suck, so I’m still in the majority of the latter percentage. But I’m glad you were brave enough to finally tell us the truth. Thank you xD

  9. (And I’m trying to find the Follow/Subscribe button but can’t for the life of me. Help.)

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