View From a Hotel Window, 3/26/17: Austin!

I’m in a brand-new, very hipster hotel. I kinda love it, but I’m also very clearly not its primary demographic.

Hello, Austin! In just about 90 minutes from the typing of this sentence, you can see me at BookPeople at 3pm! There’s still time to get there! Drive! Safely!

Tomorrow: Houston, and a 7pm event at Brazos Bookstore. Come see me, please. I prefer not to be alone on tour dates.

14 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 3/26/17: Austin!”

  1. Austin is a great city. Been many times and have had a lot of fun there.

    This one breaks the “parking lot. Not. Parking log. Not.” pattern
    Maybe its a fibonacci series …

  2. I just called Brazos Bookstore in Houston to reserve my copy for tomorrow and they are saying they expect to sell out, so keep that in mind if you are planning to go to that event. Cheers!

  3. Canucklehead@1, The last picture didn’t have any parking in it, but I think that the building under construction in the background to the right has a parking structure under / around it. Does that count?

  4. Give my love to the Brazos! Great bookstore. And Murder by the Book, just down the street, is tons of fun, too, though a bit outside your territory.

  5. To answer Marion – yes, Austin is in a building boom. I’ve been here almost six years and love it. But, unfortunately, so does everyone else. So, building boom, traffic, outrageous housing prices. But worth it!

  6. I’ve lived in the Austin area since 1984 and I can’t recall a time it hasn’t been growing and expanding. Some years have been more active than others and there have been a few real estate slumps, but mostly building and more building.

    I also love BookPeople! I took my youngest to her first book signing there. (Anne Rice). I’m sad to have missed the chance to attend yours here in town, but was coming back from a weekend visiting said youngest daughter in Waco. I get season tickets for the Baylor theater performances and we saw The Amish Project this weekend. Then she also wanted to see the Power Rangers reboot, which was surprisingly good. So it was a weekend well spent, I think. I hope the signing went well!

  7. Looking forward to Head On, with this afternoon’s reading giving some insight to that title. Fun afternoon, worth the drive to Austin, Thanks.

  8. Nothing makes me feel as old as being in a hipster space. Also, whenever I try to eat hipster food I make a terrible mess.

    Now I feel old just by how I am complaining.

  9. It was great to see you in person in Austin. Loved what you read and am really looking forward to Head On. Thanks for taking the time with everyone. I appreciated not feeling rushed.

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