The Collapsing Empire’s First Week

So, The Collapsing Empire had a pretty good first week! In terms of total sales, i.e., actual units sold, it had the best first week of any book I’ve written, ever; as I noted on Twitter, I’ve sold more copies of it in a week than┬ásome of my novels (including at least one Hugo nominee) sold in their first year. That’s a decent career progression! It’s the #1 science fiction hardcover according to Bookscan (which tracks sales at a substantial portion of the bookstores in the US) and the #17 hardcover fiction novel of any sort. It’s the #2 audio book on Audible’s weekly top ten list (that’s among all audio books, not just science fiction). It’s #25 on the USA Today Bestseller list, which tracks sales of all books (not just hardcover, not just fiction), which is the highest debut of any of my books on that list ever (previous record holder: The End of All Things, which came in at #31). We missed the NYT Hardcover bestseller list despite the book being my actual best seller ever, which suggests some other hardcovers are having a pretty nice sales week too. Good for them.

Also, hey, remember this tweet?

Well, this is what that was about.

So, in sum: Top selling science fiction hardcover in the US, second-best-selling audio book in the US, my highest debut on the USA Today bestseller list, and a TV deal.

That’s a pretty good week, y’all.

And as you may imagine, I am appropriately grateful. I’m grateful for everyone at Tor who worked hard┬áto get the book out of the gate in such a spectacular fashion. I’m likewise grateful to the folks at Audible who made the audio book a very very big deal. I’m grateful to the booksellers who sold the hell out of the book. I’m clearly hugely grateful to everyone who picked up the book in print or ebook or audio. This has been a terrific debut, and I really couldn’t be happier, or luckier, or more mindful of how my success relies on others. Thank you, folks.

And now I’m going to catch a plane to spend a few days at home. And then: on the road again starting Monday, to see more of you on tour. This has been a great debut. Let’s keep it going.