New Books and ARCs, 3/31/17

Before we get to April and all its shenanigans, here’s a final March stack of new books and ARCs to peruse. Find anything here you would want to take home with you? Tell us which ones in the comments!

11 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 3/31/17”

  1. For “Walkaway,” I would butt-synch “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Hopefully, that won’t be necessary.

  2. Someday, George is gonna surprise-drop “WInds of Winter” into one of these ARC piles, Beyonce-Lemonade style, AmIRight??

  3. There are some I would pick up and look at, in a bookstore. Cosmic Powers, the Massacre of Mankind, Lost Souls, Himalayan Codex, and the Witch Who Came In From The Cold. But to take home without looking inside? It’s a tossup, but probably Cosmic Powers.

  4. Doctorow! Also, I just finished The Collapsing Empire. Hey, it was FUN. Looking forward to the sequel.

  5. I’d pick up the Stephen Baxter first, but Cory Doctorow’s book would be a close second.