Kristine, 4/3/17

She photographs well. Also, if the writing thing doesn’t work out, I think I might have a future in department store portrait photography. Presuming there are any department stores left in the near future.

6 Comments on “Kristine, 4/3/17”

  1. Sir, if I seriously thought you could photograph me to look that beautiful, I’d pay you big bucks to do so. Sadly, however, some beauty on the part of the subject is required in order to obtain a beautiful outcome, and beauty is a characteristic that I lack. So your alternative career choice might be a bit more difficult than you are imagining.

    But I certainly don’t blame you for taking every opportunity you can to photograph someone that beautiful. Thank you (and please thank her for us) for sharing her beauty with visitors here.

  2. No doubt your bride is photogenic, but I’ve noticed the distinct pattern that the person on the backside of the lens images her through an “in-love” filter. Every picture you share says something about her beauty but more about your love for her. Both of you are pretty people that way.

  3. She’s lucky to photograph well. I can be in a group picture where everyone else looks great. I look like a mug shot.

    Hi, Krissy!

  4. This is embarassing to admit, but I play Sid Meyer’s Civilization VI to chill out. Every time I see the load screen for Gorgo, I think she looks like your wife. Every. Single. Time. Is Christine Greek?

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