“What? You’re Going Back On Tour? Again?”

As you can see, Sugar is shocked, shocked, that I will once again be leaving the house to head out into the world for more tour stops. Trust me, that’s the cat version of very concerned.

Tonight’s stop: Dayton! This is a hometown stop at Book & Co. in Beavercreek. 7pm.

Tomorrow: Parma (near Cleveland) at the Cuyahoga Public Library. This is free event but you need to register, and you can do so at this link.

Other stops on this leg: Boston (Brookline), Concord, NH, South Hadley, MA, and Madison, WI. All the details on the official tour page. Then I get to come back home! Through Easter! I’m sure Sugar will be equally excited to see me then.

8 Comments on ““What? You’re Going Back On Tour? Again?””

  1. Well, you may not see me, but I will see you tomorrow (hmmmm, didn’t mean for that to sound so sinister, but.. muahahahaaaaa!)

  2. Are you sure that is the cat version of very concerned?- it looks more like the cat version of underwhelmed to me. Mind you, that is their default expression.

  3. Oh, now I know what you were talking about in that other thread — it’s the dorks afflicting the Hugo:

    “… Beale is also urging his fans to spend money on stunts like Corroding Empire….”

  4. Two and a half hours is not too bad but damn…my own recent experiences are making me suspect that the airlines really hate Ohio.