View From a Hotel Window, 4/6/17: Concord

Today, another parking lot, but an extra-fancy parking lot because it has Tesla chargers in it. I’m getting all the swank, people.

Tonight: Gibson’s Bookstore in currently rainy Concord, New Hampshire. 7pm. My understanding is that there will be pie. Oh, yes. Pie.

Tomorrow: South Hadley, Massachusetts, and Odyssey Bookstore, where, if you attend the event, you’ll get not one, not two, but three authors for the price of one, since Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch will also be there for fun and festivities. Come on down and see us engage in hilarious hijinks!

19 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 4/6/17: Concord”

  1. Since pie has been a recurring theme of your tour comments, do you happen to know if the Madison Public Library would allow a pie to be brought onto the premises on Saturday evening? Asking for a friend.

  2. Last night in Brookline was great fun. Do be careful up north tonight. You’re back in NASCAR country no matter how many Tesla chargers there are.

    Enjoy the pie.

  3. A charger only for Teslas? I would hope they are the more universal J1772 style. I wish there were more of those about when I need a charge for my Chevy Volt. Aside from the Nissan dealer and the one at my house, I know of only two in my whole town.

  4. Looking forward to tomorrow at Odyssey. If you have time on your way there stop in at WEBS in Northampton.It’s a local yarn store.Ask about the warehouse.

  5. Do you get a different sort of shock if you stick your finger in a recharger socket?
    Just asking on behalf of my cat, Curiosity, who still has seven lives to go.

  6. Well, pie.Only problem is, I live on the far side of the world. Any of you guys have a recon skimmer you could lend me?

  7. If there will be three different authors there, I expect there to be no fewer than three different varieties of pie. Otherwise, someone got skunked.

  8. Thanks for a wonderful reading in Concord. If anyone is pondering attending future events (past ones being difficult to make), I highly suggest seeing John in action (it’s why John Scalzi action figures are sold out). Not only are the readings and fan questions quite fun, these events tend to be at great local bookstores which makes killing time before the event pretty interesting.

  9. How do you feel about brownies? My plans this afternoon before attending the Odyssey event involve trying a new brownie recipe.

  10. Well, provided the recipe proves palatable, I’ll have to bring some tonight for the event then! (Don’t worry, no substances of questionable legality will be included… though I have been known to used pots in lieu of a cookie jar)

  11. Ah, what charming snowbanks. I knew there was a reason I live 500 miles south of New Hampshire now.