View From a Hotel Window 4/8/17: Madison

A lovely, sunny day in the Midwest.

Tonight Madisonians and those who choose to come into the city will have the opportunity to see me at 7pm at the Central Library. Why not take advantage of the opportunity? It will be lovely to see you!

Tomorrow, I am home. For a whole week! It’s Holy Week (i.e, the run-up to Easter), so scheduling events is kind of iffy. But then I’m back on the road on the 17th, in Santa Fe. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you next week, promise.

4 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 4/8/17: Madison”

  1. Welcome to Madison! You timed it well – the pie will be out of the oven in another two minutes. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Pie ! Sunshine ! Rooftops ! and a parking lot entrance !
    Could life get any better ?

    Pie in the sunshine on the parking loot rooftop maybe ?

  3. Thanks for a fun evening. I attended with my son, which is something I never would have expected. He’s never liked reading, absolutely hated it in high school and college wasn’t much better. He came to me a several months ago asking for a recommendation for a sci-fi book cuz he knows that’s what I read. I gave him a copy of Redshirts and he devoured it. Loved everything about it. He has now read 3 or 4 of your books and several other authors and is enjoying it immensely. So I just wanted to say thanks for visiting tonight and especially for setting my son on a life long course of reading adventure.

  4. Your talk and reading was great! After posting about it on facebook I was asked to explain Science Fiction to 8th graders… Any ideas?

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