Today’s View From a Window

Not from a hotel window, from one of my house’s windows. Because I get to be home for a whole week! Whatever shall I do with myself?

(Sleep, mostly.)

Also, remember that I am doing the Reader Request Week starting tomorrow, so get your questions in — here’s the place to do that.

And also, tomorrow at 2pm Eastern I’m doing a Facebook Live event on the Tor UK Facebook page. If you want to get a question in for me there, too, here’s the page, which features instructions.

But today: time for a nap.

11 Comments on “Today’s View From a Window”

  1. Your dog looks just like mine! I cannot post her picture here but wow! Ours came from Florida as a rescue dog thru several friends.

  2. Looks like a beautiful day in rural Ohio.You should totally have a rocking chair out there.

  3. Enjoy your time at home with your family and pets! It was wonderful to meet you in Brookline and thank you in person for your work. And to hear your wonderful excerpts from upcoming work…

  4. Spring is always a great time to be home, enjoy the week! And well done on the Santa Fe visit, bought a ticket soonest it was on the web. Have a safe trip (always) and see you on the 17th.

  5. I love your dog, looks just like a sweetheart we had when I was a kid. Long may she wag.

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