Daily Archives: April 10, 2017

Reader Request Week 2017 #2: Those Darn Millennials

Srs asks: Many people over a certain age have the opinion that Millennials think they know it all/have overly inflated self-esteem/etc because they were given participation trophies when they were young. Do you think this opinion has any basis in fact? Nah. One, of course, an older generation being angry at the Millennials for the […]

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Reader Request Week 2017 #1: Punching Nazis

It’s time to begin this year’s Reader Request Week, and let’s start with something punchy, shall we? Janne Peltonen asks: What do you think of the whole ‘punching Nazis in the face’ phenomenon? I found it very confusing. It seemed to me to be mostly about performance (‘let’s show the power-hungry extremists that we resist’) […]

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