Today’s New Books and ARCs, 4/13/17

As we head into the holiday weekend, here is a stack of very fine new books and ARCs for you to peruse. What here would you like to find in your Easter basket? Tell us in the comments!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

24 replies on “Today’s New Books and ARCs, 4/13/17”

I’m surprised I don’t recognize any of the authors or titles in this stack except Carrie Vaughn and Richard Kadrey. I -try- to keep at least halfway up on forthcoming books, to have an idea which ones I might want to purchase and read.

(Oh god, have I reached the age where choosing books runs into issues of selectile dysfunction?)

[makes a note for a story about a pill that lets you read faster and longer]

I can’t say I recognise any of those author’s names, but that’s what I like about this thread- it gives me ideas for so many new books to try.

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