View From a Hotel Window 4/18/17: Aurora, CO

That’s almost the Platonic ideal of the hotel parking lot photo.

Tonight: I’m visiting Boulder for the first time ever! My event is at the Boulder Bookstore at 7:30. Hope to see you there if you’re in the area!

Tomorrow: Seattle — one of my favorite stops — and University Bookstore (actually it will be at the University Temple United Methodist Church). Remember this is a ticketed event, so if you still need tickets (they admit two people each), you can still get them here.

21 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 4/18/17: Aurora, CO”

  1. Cool. A parking lot with its own view of a parking lot :P

    Hopefully its a nice hotel and a nice city

  2. Welcome to Denver! I wish I could come see you in Boulder tonight, but I’ll try to catch you at Denver Comic Con in six weeks(ish) instead.

    By the way, did anyone tell you that Boulder and Aurora are kind of on the opposite ends of the metro area? At least Aurora is close to the airport, though.

  3. That car there; just beside the other one.
    I think I’ve seen it in other car park photos.
    You’re not being stalked are you?

  4. Just for you, Mr Scalzi, I am getting up at 6am to run 4 miles so I will be able to go straight to your event after work (and get a good seat).
    *Very* excited.

  5. I’m not able to make it up to Boulder, but the Boulder Bookstore is a fun one to wander around in – it’s got odd nooks and corners. I hope you have fun there!

  6. I am impressed at how professionally you handle your tours. You do a lot more than just show up and entertain. The list on your blog, the link to tickets locations, all seems smooth and “how obvious,” but I know it takes work. It is my fervent hope that someday I will do a book tour and I will gracefully put into practice all your fine lessons. And someone at a reading will ask me how I do such a good job and I will say, “I copied Scalzi.”

    (This is a fantasy because by the time, if ever, a book tour develops I’ll be in my nineties.)

  7. Lytspeed has the question of the day – why on earth did they put you in Aurora? Even if airport proximity was the goal, there’s a really nice new hotel *at* the airport now, and you’d still be closer to Boulder by way of the expressway than you are now.

  8. Krissy, Happy Birthday to you. I’m sorry for you that it was John-free but I hope y’all were able to compensate. Somehow.

    John, I really enjoyed seeing/listening to you last night in Santa Fe. First time you’ve been close enough for me to visit — only five hours away! — and I’m looking forward to the next time already.

    Warning: semi-spoiler alert:
    Despite what was said the other night, there aren’t any aliens in The Collapsing Empire. Do you anticipate this being an alien-free universe? Or at least alien-free series?

  9. Yeah, there has to be a hotel of two closer to Boulder than Aurora, for pete’s sake. I grew up in Wheat Ridge, although that was, like, 50 years ago, when there were acreages of farmland between Denver, Aurora, and Boulder. I guess it’s all different now… I did go back for a visit for Denvention and my 60th birthday in ’08, but didn’t see a lot of the urban sprawl that trip.

  10. Moderate confession– when we were setting up for your Arisia room, I wanted to make sure your view was NOT a parking lot (or a freeway). I can’t recall exactly what it looked like anymore, but I think it had a pretty awesome view of the city.