View From a Hotel Window, 4/19/17: Seattle

Not a parking lot, but there is street parking, so that maybe counts?

Tonight: I’m at University Temple United Methodist Church for an event sponsored by the University Bookstore (if memory serves the church is across the street from the bookstore). That’s at 7. Come see me then (but remember it’s a ticketed event)!

Tomorrow: I’m all the down in San Diego for an event at another of my favorite bookstores, Mysterious Galaxy. Also at 7. See you soon, San Diego!

9 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 4/19/17: Seattle”

  1. Street parking doesn’t count- it is just what you have when you’re not having a parking lot.

  2. An Evening With John Scalzi is always entertaining. Your encore w/ the ukulele was special. Don’t stop touring!

  3. @Scalzi: Thanks for a most entertaining reading. My former favorite reading-as-performance was the singer Rosanne Cash, who as an experienced performer (i.e. ringer) definitely commanded the stage. This is an apples-to-oranges comparison though: she was aiming for subtle introspection and you, um, ah, weren’t.

    I really appreciated your answer to the question about why you write strong female characters, which you summed up as “How could I not?” There’s a real art and gift to answering questions in a way that is both simple and self-evident.

    To people who are vacillating about attending the remaining events on the tour: do it! At Scalzi’s request I won’t go into detail, but the two readings were epic.

  4. Good seeing you up there, you did not disappoint. With the stresses my wife and I have been under the last few months, it was good to laugh out loud. Thanks for that and keep up the good spirits.

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