View From a Hotel Window, 4/20/17: San Diego

Parking lot in there. Just barely.

Tonight: San Diego! Mysterious Galaxy bookstore! 7pm! Be there or be somewhere else!

Tomorrow: Nothing! I have a travel day and a break. BUT Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at the LA Times Festival of Books. I’m signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth an Saturday at 3, and on Sunday have a panel with Cory Doctorow, followed by another signing. Come see us!

13 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 4/20/17: San Diego”

  1. Just received my copy of The Collapsing Empire ( after some Amazon problems) so I shall settle down for a good read.If I lived a bit closer to San Diego, I’d come and see you to get it signed.

  2. There was a silver car in the Aurora car park and there’s a silver car in this car park.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  3. @KiwiSteve
    Only someone who was collaborating with the stalkers would know to look for this
    Exposed !

    :alternative facts be damned: :P

  4. Sorry I missed you, was at the baseball (probably not far from that hotel). Hope you had sufficient pie in my absence ;)

  5. Quote from Thursday’s LA Times on the highlights of the book festival: “… an out-of-this-world sci-fi pairing, Times critic at large John Scalzi in conversation with Cory Doctorow.”

  6. streaming your panel with Cory Doctorow? Sorry I’m missing L.A. Festival o’ Books, due to professorship, tax, medical, other conferences, yadda yadda. Break a leg!

  7. Mr. Scalzi,
    The signing at Mysterious Galaxy was great fun and very nicely administered by their team. Your talk was quite amusing and your choice of a reading from your un-released novel was great. I bought Lock In after the signing, so great marketing!

    Thank you again for signing a few books for me,

  8. Great John!
    In other news people in Paris have been gunned down.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

  9. @Canucklehead.

    Judging by KiwiSteve’s name, he is a fellow New Zealander, and everyone knows New Zealanders are upright, honest, decent fellows and all round good guys. KiwiSteve couldn’t possibly be implicated with the stalkers- I can assure you he would rather give himself a vasectomy with a rusty teaspoon than do something like that.

  10. Yeah, hi there MikeM
    Thanks for reminding me. May I have my rusty teaspoon back please. (No blood, just the rust).
    I think John should start to worry if it’s a car with cheap gold plating turning up all the time though. We all know who that will be that’s after him.

  11. Sorry about the teaspoon Steve, I already cleaned the rust off. If you like I could leave it out in the weather a bit to get it back to the way you like it.
    Yes we all know who owns the cheap gold plated car- he who’s name must not be spoken on this blog.

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