View From a Hotel Window, 4/21/17: Los Angeles

Look, it’s LA, being LA. 

I’m here for a few days! I get to catch up on my sleep! Wheee!

No event today, but tomorrow I am signing books at the Mysterious Galaxy booth at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (3pm-4pm booth 368), and then on Sunday at 1:30, Cory Doctorow and I talk about life, the universe and everything, also at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Come to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! And see me! And also, you know. Other authors too, I guess.

6 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 4/21/17: Los Angeles”

  1. If time allows, have a meal, any meal, at Grand Central Market, which is very near you.

    Also the Tumi drink at the hipster coffee place is surprisingly good.

  2. Would love to come see you, but I’m participating in the March for Science, which you should be able to see from your hotel room, as you appear to be overlooking Pershing Square. If you’d like to join us, you’d be very welcome!

  3. Mr S! If you get a chance, try out the skyslide at the US Bank Tower. The view alone from up there is spectacular, and who doesn’t like a good slide? See you at Vroman’s!

  4. I always manage to find the answer right after I have asked the question.
    Better question: Will you be hanging around the area to visit with friends?

  5. Just read your piece about touring in the LA Times and, holy fuck, I don’t know how you do it. Back in ’85 (when I was young and healthy) I did a tour of six cons and visits along the West Coast, during about four months, and it just about killed me. I was so sick and exhausted during the last trip I just wanted to crawl away and die. (Okay, maybe a little exaggeration, but still.)

    “Grind” doesn’t even begin to describe what your trip sounds like, and I’m an extrovert! I’m glad you’re up for it, though; I had an excellent time when you came to Boulder!

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