Checking In on Monday

O hai, Whatever readers! Here’s me and Cory Doctorow just hanging out, as we do.

For those of you in the LA area, remember that he and I are going to be a Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena tomorrow at 7pm, talking about our new books and life, the universe, and everything. And then on Wednesday, we’ll do it again at Bookshop Santa Cruz! And then on Thursday, we’ll do it YET AGAIN at Borderlands books in San Francisco! We got a thing going, is what I’m saying, and you can be part of it, if you want.

Otherwise: Hey, how’s it going?

16 Comments on “Checking In on Monday”

  1. Welcome back to the west coast! Looking forward to seeing you again in SF on Thursday. I don’t have a uke but perhaps someone else will.

  2. Very cool sunglasses John- and the shirt! Words fail me.l had a shirt similar to that once, but a pig ate it. ( This is actually true).

  3. Do you and Doctorow have the same publisher/agent? I guess I’m wondering how many months ago it was planned that your respective book tours would combine into a literary Voltron for a few days.

  4. Hey, I’ve got a shirt like that. Well, except for the colours and the motif, but its almost the same.
    And mine hasn’t been eaten by a pig, nor is it likely to be because, you know, I don’t live with a pig.
    Come on MikeM, tell all.

  5. KiwiSteve

    Well, this was the way of it- when I was a teenager, I worked on my uncle’s pig farm in the school holidays. This particular day, I was working in one of the sties, which was a long, low , windowless building, made of concrete blocks, with a corrugated iron roof. With two hundred pigs in there, you
    better believe it got pretty bloody hot in summer, so I took off my shirt and laid it over the gate of one of the pens, as you do. Imagine my surprise when a pig reared up, pulled it down, and scarfed it in front of my disbelieving eyes. I shouldn’t have been surprised really- I’ve seen pigs eat some weird stuff, including but not limited to dead rats, the handle of a rake, and an old boot.I guess it all adds flavour to the bacon!

  6. I’m going to GX Australia in Sydney this weekend! It’s my first gaming conference (I read and write interactive fiction apps but otherwise don’t play games at all….definitely a novelist at heart, and with the published books to prove it), and it’s all about diversity so all my many weirdnesses will probably just make me one with the other non-male non-straight non-able-bodied people. Aieeee!!

  7. I’ll be there on Tuesday! Vromans is a five minute walk from my house – if there’s traffic on Union. (I live close, is what I’m sayin’.) Also, Cory’s book/a guaranteed seat is a birthday present from my boyfriend, since Tuesday is my birthday! (Boyfriend will not be joining me, though. Participating in Saturday’s March for Science short-circuited his super-introvert soul, poor dear. I would have asked for The Collapsing Empire, but they were sold out! :(

  8. Cool shirt. Meetings? What meetings? Awesomeness to follow? (Yeah I’m crossing up tweets and the topic, sorry…)

  9. Seems like the best things about being a successful SF writer (aside from, you know, getting money and stuff) is all the people you get to hang out with. You’re chillin’ with a dude who invented three brothers who are living Russian nesting dolls, whose mother is a washing machine. That has to be cool.

  10. Oh yeah; I don’t know if you’re familiar with Flikr site X-Ray Delta One (James Vaughan, proprietor) but he just posted an image titled “Murder Plays a Ukulele.”

  11. Matt B: Yes, they both are published by Tor Books and book stores were contacted last fall to make a proposal. Local indie Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale didn’t get the John and Cory show but will have Cory in early May.